[STORY] Evie

  • 1 year ago

Ever since she was a child, Evie held extraordinary power.

That's when Evie's father decided to teach her magic.
Evie, your talent is a gift from the goddess!
Her father hired the best magicians to be her teachers and filled her library with spell books.
She read every single one of them.
Basic magic, healing magic, astrology, alchemy... Even books about ancient magic, now long gone.
Little by little, the pressure began to overwhelm her.
Evie, your talent is a gift from the goddess!
That's what her father had said that day.
And he had smiled so brightly, just for that moment.
She wanted to make him smile like that again.
But he never did. No matter how hard she studied.
When she looked at her father, all she saw was the sad, lost expression he'd worn ever since her mother had gone.
It was all too much. Evie began to dream of escape.
She gazed at the sea and longed to travel far, far away.
She never expected the opportunity to come so soon.
Tonight. A boat leaves for the west. You need to be on it.

Her father slipped her a single ticket.
She was to go to the magic school in the west.
What about you? Aren't you coming with me?
I will. Later. You are to go first.
It was the freedom she had longed for, but she found herself shaking.
Whether it was from fear or excitement, she couldn't be sure.
That night, her father had to all but push her into the carriage heading for the port.
A knot settled in Evie's stomach as she sat in the carriage.
This was what she'd wanted, but something didn't feel right.
Maybe I'm not ready for this...
Evie made the carriage turn around.
As they approached the manor, Evie's worst fears were realized.

The manor was engulfed in flames.
Evie rushed into the manor.
The daughter of the traitor who attempted to dethrone the holy king with lies!
A hooded figure stood in the entryway, as if waiting for her. He chanted a spell.
Evie fought back with everything she had learned in her long years of studying.
She defeated the magician with the last ounce of her strength...

But she could not save her father.
Look how you've grown... You've made me... so proud...
Now go be... the person... you want to be...
He spoke the words with a smile brighter than Evie had ever seen. And then he was gone.
With nothing left, Evie headed to the magic school her father had chosen for her. For many years, she studied.
I've decided to become a mercenary.
Evie graduated as valedictorian. Her declaration after the ceremony shocked everyone who knew her.
Her teachers and peers tried to convince her there were much nobler uses of her talents.
But Evie had never forgotten her desire to choose her own destiny.
I want to help the common people, so that they never lose hope.
That's what she said, but she also wanted to be free.

And in the carriage on her way to Rocheste, Evie was freer than anyone.