[INTRO] Achel

  • 9 months ago



Achel, a boy from the slums of fallen Connacht, has a fateful encounter with a foreign priestess, Sophia. 

Through her, he is finally able to dream of a better life, a paradise far removed from the harsh reality he's forced to endure for now. 

Soon, however, a cruel twist of fate will make that all come crashing down...  





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Click the skill name to check Achel's Exclusive Skills.


Storm of Steel

Performs consecutive stabbing and slashing attacks with the Hasta.

Can leap a short distance, at a desired moment, to dodge enemy attacks while inflicting great damage across an area.


Roots of Antaeus

Stomps his foot, unleashing an "Adrenaline Spike."

While he is burning through his adrenaline he is not easily exhausted, and he can perform devastating spear attacks. 

He can also spend all of his Adrenaline Spike to combo into "Wild Swing," a slashing attack that instantly rushes at an enemy.



Quickly charges towards an enemy, leaping up high and striking down like lightning.

As the Hasta pierces the ground a powerful explosion occurs across the surface, applying a short stun effect.


Total Destruction

Achel's suppression skill.

A powerful stab suppresses his foe, followed by a ruthless combination of spear and shield attacks that pummel them without mercy.