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coming december 6 th

coming december 6 th

�take up the dragonspine and claim your ancestry, become the draker you were always meant to be.�

play as miri, a powerful young woman with an ancient connection to the mighty dragons of yore.

The lost daughter of an ancient people, Miri's ancestry grants the young woman powers unseen in human lands. Use her connection to the mighty Dragonspine lance to tear the Fomor horde to shreds. Build up Flamebreath, a unique resource for Miri, and unleash it with intense strikes of Dragonflame with Fiery skills. And finally transform into her ancestral form and call upon the mighty winged masters of the sky to turn anything that stands between Miri and her destiny to ash.



Miri darts forward past any enemies before her, as quick and slippery as a snake. Firebreath can be consumed to follow up with additional attacks.

slice and dice

Miri charges forward with her Dragonspine, slicing through and stunning anything in her path. Firebreath can be consumed to follow up with additional attacks.

blazing spine

Miri draws on her heritage, summoning a massive ball of dragonfire to unleash on her foes.

ancestral garb

Miri calls upon the power of her ancestors to transform into a Dragon Knight, clad in the armor and wings of her people. Allows Miri to use Firebreath without limit, enabling a massive boost in power.


miri registration event

Register before December 4th and earn your very own Miri Registration Pack! This free package contains a set of items to help you power Miri up and get a head start on your path to level 95! This package can only be opened by Miri and will be sent to your highest level character when Miri's update arrives; package can be sent via mail to your new Miri. Must be used within 30 days.

miri registration pack includes:

  • level 90 dragonspine box

    A Rare quality Level 90 Dragonspine of your choice (Regina, Braha, Terminus Sentinel, Lugh Lamhfada or Abomination)

  • ap 3000 capsule

    3000 AP to get your Miri skills powered up

  • 50 merc recovery potions

    Each potion immediately restores 1300-1700 HP, depending on character level, even while knocked down or moving

  • 10 goddess graces

    A gift of the Goddess, restoring you to full health with restored armor after you've been incapacitated in battle

  • 5 divine blessing stones

    Grants a bonus to EXP, AP and Luck during your next battle

  • 5 100% exp boost Potions (3 hours)

    Doubles your EXP earned from Battle Quests for three hours