Teide Registration Event

Claim Hurk's new weapon class as the miracle of gunpowder arrives to the world of Vindictus!

The powerful mercenary Hurk has favored one weapon above all for a long time, the massive, brutish Greatsword. But while it might be fearsome in the brutal melee, not all enemies are eager to rush the seven foot berserker. Hurk has learned a new way to slay the Fomor Horde, pairing a vicious longsword with a strange, violent cannon, leaving the warrior's foes an assault they cannot flee.

Register before August 28th to claim your very own Hurk Teide Package when this explosive new weapon hits Vindictus! This package features a high-level Teide weapon, a wealth of AP to power up Hurk's new abilities and a selection of utility items to improve your adventures to come. This package will be sent to your highest level Hurk and can be used within 30 days after acquiring it. If you do not have a Hurk character created, it will be sent to your highest level character and can be traded, so that a Hurk character can open it.

Remember to register before August 28th and login before September 30th to receive your FREE Hurk Teide Package!