Alban Festival Update

  • 3 years ago

On Wednesday, March 22nd, the next update will come to Vindictus and bring with it a new special dungeon, new outfits, the brand-new Alban Festival and countless improvements to make growing in power easier!

Alban Festival

The Alban Festival update brings forward a special festival for you to practice your skills with the Spear Master and Wall Master mini-games!

Practice your aim with the Spear Master mini-game, throwing spears at pop-up targets. Hit 8 out of 10 targets before they hide again to move onto the next stage for greater rewards. The Wall Master mini-game faces you off against ten rows of oncoming walls with only a small gap to pass through. Get through them all to reach the next stage and fight for better rewards!

The more stages you get through, the more Festival Trophy's you'll earn, with a Festival Gold Trophy rewarded if you complete all the stages. Take those trophies to Allysse in the Malina Inn to exchange them for special Emblems, colorful headgear inspired by the good William Tell and more!

New Special Battle: Shrouded Truth

The Alban Festival Update gives us another special team-up boss fight. The Blood Lord of Ainle was a formidable foe on his own, but can you withstand his barrage of attacks with the skirmishing Assassin Ekinar backing him up?

Join a party of up to 6 players and defeat the new dynamic duo for a chance at some powerful rewards, including a Masterpiece Gem Box, Season 3 Essence Items or a Special Dungeon: Enchant Pouch containing a random high-rank Enchant Scroll! You can complete the Shrouded Truth battle quest once per day, and only on Hard difficulty.

Easier Enchants and Enhancements

Among the numerous improvements to come with the Alban Festival update are massive changes to make Enchanting and Enhancement easier to do, especially for those still climbing up the levels and working with less powerful equipment.

On the Enchanting front, many enchant scrolls have seen their rank change, based on the Enchant's power. These Ranks also now mean more than just how powerful the Enchant is or how hard the Scroll is to find: the odds of success for Enchanting have been greatly improved for Rank A through Rank F, most prominently with low-rank Enchants boosted with Brynn Elixirs:

Rank 0 Brynn Success Rate 100 Brynn Success Rate
F 50% 100%
E 45% 95%
D 40% 90%
C 35% 85%
B 35% 80%
A 25% 70%

Enhancement has also been enhanced to make failed Enhancements less punitive and encouraging you to improve low level equipment. Gold costs have been reduced, Elixirs are needed on fewer items and penalties for Enhancing lower level items start much later, being able to reach +7 Enhancements of Level 20 items without no chance of a penalty or gold cost at all.

Penalties and costs will rise as more powerful Enhancement Stones are required, but no costs or penalties have been increased, with everything being easier for those still seeking to climb the ranks of Vindictus!

Shorter Season 3 Story Battles

While we love the thrilling battles and intense challenge of Season 3, fighting through the same zones over and over again isn't always the best thing. As such, we've shortened many Season 3 Story Battles, to get you to the most important fights faster, helping you keep the thread of the story going longer:

  • Deciduous Forest: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • Glowing Plant: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • Garden Guardian: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • A Friend Once Lost: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • River on Fire: Reduced to 2 Sector
  • The Fallen Guardian: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • En Route: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • A Place of Loss: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • Statue at the Summit: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • Lochlann Plains Entrance: Reduced to 1 Sector
  • Abandoned Ruins: Reduced to 2 Sector
  • Facing the Inevitable: Reduced to 1 Sector

Ability Rank Requirement Changes

The Level Requirements for numerous skill and mastery ranks for all of our characters have been updated, requiring higher levels for the vast majority of them. While the acquisition of the base level of these skills and masteries are almost entirely unchanged (only exception: Vella's Glacial Strike ability now requires Level 50 to initially train), this will require your characters to reach higher levels to unlock more powerful attacks.

To compensate for this change, we have also adjusted the Skill Rank Requriements for many items and enchants to require lower-rank skills. Additionally, if you have already purchased those ranks, they will still be usable at their full, purchased power.

Composite Item Simplification

We've also decided to simplify Composite Items a bit, in order to limit inventory clutter of lower-quality components. Blue-quality Composite materials have been standardized, so that all blue-quality materials for a specific slot are the same. Purple-quality Composite materials have been reduced slightly as well, with only five variations of stats available for each slot. Orange-quality Composite materials are unchanged.

Cherry Fishing Event

We're unleashing a little event as well for all of those that enjoy baiting their hooks! Grab a Cherry Fishing Rod and fish up special event items, including Enchant Scroll Boxes, Cherry Fishing Coupons and more!

Event Name Cherry Fishing Event
Event Start Wednesday, March 22nd (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, April 12th (11:59 PM PDT / 2:59 AM EDT 4/13 / 8:59 AM CEST 4/13 / 4:59 PM AEDT 4/13)
Event Details
  • Once per day per character, obtain Cherry Fishing Rod x100 from the Strange Traveler at the Colhen Inn
  • Use the Cherry Fishing Rods to fish, with a chance for in-game items, an Enchant Scroll Box or a Cherry Fishing Coupon
  • Spend Cherry Fishing Coupons at the Exchange Shop for a variety of seasonal prizes!
Exchange Shop Rewards
  • 300 Coupons: Honeybee Headband
  • 300 Coupons: Honeybee T-Shirt
  • 300 Coupons: 30 Day Blossoming Flower Effect
  • 3 Coupons: 1x Goddess Grace
  • 1 Coupon: 1x Merc Recovery Potion

Elven Royalty Sales

It's time for a new pair of outfits, this time with a special twist! The High Elf Royalty outfits are gorgeous ensembles for everyones favorite treehuggers, and you can pick it up with a special package with an item that makes the flowers bloom around your feet! We're also bringing back the Spring Break Package, unleashing a pair of inner armors with a very rebellious flare and more.

Check out the Elven Royalty Sales post for more information.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements


  • Fixed an issue where the host client crashes when Sylas, as a party member, leaves the party
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot watch other characters play, while incapacitated when playing with a controller gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where the ATT Limit Removal stats were miscalculated
  • Fixed an issue where the ATT Limit Removal is misapplied
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Retry UI is displayed even in non-Ein Lacher battles
  • Fixed an issue where players could not be kicked from Royal Army raids
  • Fixed an issue where the battle failed if all party members die in Normal difficulty in Niflheim
  • Fixed an issue where a player was granted knockdown immunity if revived after being killed with Keaghan's snatch pattern stab
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to absorb Lugh Lamhfada's Tathlum
  • Fixed an issue where you could not proceed with rounds 2 and 3 of Charles Expedition
  • Decreased the difficulty for Muir
  • Fixed an issue where Neamhain keeps fighting even when her HP is below 6 bars in Sea of Reflection phase 2
  • Fixed an exploit with leaving guild while in battle for Guild Redeemers
  • Fixed an issue where player did not get the Pact story at Lv. 40


  • Fixed an issue where the Return to Town button is displayed incorrectly after Quick Retry
  • Fixed an issue where Forfeit Battle button is displayed in town after participating in Royal Army Raid
  • Opening the Expertise item-dismantling window will filter only the items that can be dismantled
  • Fixed an issue where the binding/tradable attributes are displayed incorrectly when clicking item link in the chat window
  • Fixed an issue where the weight decrease according to the enhancement level was not displaying in the equipment tooltip
  • Added a duplicate check function when purchasing or using Title Scrolls
  • Fixed an issue where 2 lines of system messages are displayed in the Chat Window, regular tab
  • Fixed an issue where the settings are reset when moving maps after changing chat fonts
  • Fixed an issue where the number of unread mails in the Mailbox was not shown
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Battle notification window is displayed while inside buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Battle Notification Window is displayed in battle
  • Fixed an issue where German characters could not displayed in chat


  • Fixed an issue where the stamina buff was misapplied when using Ether Zone and Crystal Burst right before retrieving the Mana Crystal
  • Fixed an issue where the stamina buff of Crystal Burst, Ether Zone was applied less in Multi-process situations
  • Fixed an issue where the additional attack after Ruin Blade does not activate
  • Fixed an abnormal motion of the combo after Ruin Blade
  • Reduced the issue where a Counter Drain additional attack after Ruin Blade is occasionally ignored


  • Improved Delia's attack hit box


  • Fixed an issue where Damage Reflection was not being applied to Focal Point
  • Fixed an issue where Small Shield Heavy Stander is not pushed


  • Hurk can now use 0 hit Smash beginning at level 1
  • Fixed an issue where the damage motion is displayed after using Impenetrable
  • Fixed a hit box issue while using Impenetrable


  • Fixed an issue where Quick Brutal Flurry is activated after Bobbing
  • Fixed an issue where the enhanced version of Big Bang Attack did not activate