Miri Warm-Up Attendance Event

  • 4 years ago

Miri's only two weeks away, and we're counting down the days with a special Attendance Event! Log in every day for a new prize, including special Gremlin Balloons, Rare Legendary Chunks and rune fragments that can be combined into a Premium Enchant Rune!

Event Name Miri Warm-Up Attendance Event
Event Start Wednesday, November 22nd (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, December 6th (Start of Maintenance)
  • Login to Vindictus every day for the next two weeks for prizes as the Miri update approaches!
  • Rewards will be delivered to your in-game mail after being logged in on a character for 30 minutes
  • Wednesday, November 22nd: 5x Merc Recovery Potions (Gift)
  • Thursday, November 23rd: 3x Goddess Grace (Gift)
  • Friday, November 24th: 1x Gremlin Balloon Box
    • Contains your choice of three varieties of Gremlin Balloon, a little floating balloon equipped in the Gear Back slot to trail over your character as they run around in battle!
  • Saturday, November 25th: 1x Totemic Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
    • 3x Premium Enchant Rune Fragments can be combined into 1x Premium Enchant Rune
  • Sunday, November 26th: 1x TotemicPremium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Monday, November 27th: 1x Moon Necklace
    • Necklace Accessory, giving +300 ATT/M.ATT, +300 DEF and +3 LUK
  • Tuesday, November 28th: 5x SP Recovery Potions
  • Wednesday, November 29th: 1x 50 Brynn Elixir
  • Thursday, November 30th: 3x Stimulant: Lion's Roar
  • Friday, December 1st: 1x Rare Legendary Chunk Selection Box (Weapon)
    • Contains a Rare-quality Legendary Chunk of your choice that can be slotted into a weapon. Includes:
    • Keen Legendary Chunk: +24 Balance, +36 Critical
    • Stable Legendary Chunk: +35 STR, +19 AGI, +47 INT, +26 WIL, +37 Balance
    • Lightweight Legendary Chunk: +24 Critical, +4 Attack Speed
    • Perfect Legendary Chunk: +5506 ATT/M.ATT, +53 STR, +29 AGI, +71 INT, +38 WIL
  • Saturday, December 2nd: 1x Airtight Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Sunday, December 3rd: 1x Airtight Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Monday, December 4th: 1x Lubber's Sketchy Quality Coupon
    • A coupon that randomly changes an item's quality, up to 5 Stars
  • Tuesday, December 5th: 1x Element Stone (Not Tradable)
  • Totemic-packed items can be freely traded within an account, but once opened cannot be traded
  • Days start at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM CET / 4:00 AM AEDT