Hero's Lucky Box (LE) and Flawless Enhancement Stone Update

  • 3 years ago

When initially announced, it was stated that the +11, +12 and 13 Flawless Enhancement Stones found in the Limited Edition of the Hero's Lucky Box would be Airtight, and thus tradeable once via the Marketplace or standard player trades. This was inaccurate, as the item was only meant to be tradeable within the same account, as reflected by the stones' current in-game functionality.

As this information was reported in error, we have corrected the original post and will be honoring the original wording for players that received Flawless Enhancement Stones from a Hero's Lucky Box prior to 7:00 PM PST on Wednesday, January 17th. Additionally, the stones rewarded from the Hero's Lucky box are being renamed to "Account-Sealed Flawless Enhancement Stones", to reflect their proper functionality.

If you received a Flawless Enhancement Stone and wish to exchange it for an Airtight version, please submit a ticket to our customer service staff and we will work to replace it.