Compensation Event Due to April 26th's Game Connection Issue

  • 3 years ago

Dear Players,

We’d like to thank all our players who’ve kindly waited throughout the sudden temporary maintenance that had occurred on April 26th.  Hence, we will be opening up a compensation event, as follows, for all those who’ve experienced disturbances during this unexpected downtime, so please come and enjoy and don’t miss out on the double bonuses and rewards!



Double EXP/AP Bonus Reward

Event Name

Event Start & End Date

Double EXP/AP Bonus Reward


Fri., April 27th 9AM – Sat., April 28th 9AM (PDT)


Fri., April 27th 12PM – Sat., April 28th 12PM (EDT)


Fri., April 27th 6PM – Sat., April 28th 6PM (CEST)


Fri., April 27th 2AM – Sat., April 28th 2AM (AEST)


Event Name

Event Details

Double EXP/AP Bonus Reward

Players who play during the bonus event time will receive double EXP/AP rewards.



Compensation Package Distribution

Event Name

Event Start & End Date

Compensation Package Distribution

Wednesday, May 2th

(Distributed During Maintenance)


Event Name

Event Details

Compensation Package Distribution

Compensation Packages will be distributed and can be found in your inboxes once you log-in after the maintenance is complete.


         - All Vindictus US/EU Players


[Gallagher’s Desire Package]

          VVIP Service Package (1-Day Gift)

          Cadet Badge (1-Day Gift)

          Divine Blessing Stone (Gift)

          Goddess’ Grace (Gift)


Gallagher’s Desire Package will expire at 7AM (UTC) on the 8th of May, therefore will require to pick-up before the noted time.

     - Pacific: 12AM PDT

     - Eastern: 3AM EDT

     - Europe: 9AM CEST

     - Australia: 5PM AEST


* Packages will be distributed to the first character’s inbox on each player’s slot, and ‘Gallagher’s Desire’ package is transferrable within the account.


* Once the Package is open, the expiration time of the item in the given package will begin its countdown.


* Other than the ‘Cadet Badge’ players possess, the distributed ‘Cadet Badge’ will have an expiry date. Also, be informed that there won’t be cumulative effects even if you have more than one ‘Cadet Badge.’


* Only 1 Compensation Package per account.