Onslaught Update Patch Notes

  • 3 years ago


Redeemers Merge

* As announced previously, the 3 parts of the Redeemers Battle (Normal, Guild, Additional Departure), have now been merged, and the departure limit has been adjusted to 4 times a week.

Please note that the Extra Passport: Sea of Reflection item, which could be acquired as loot from the following battles, can no longer be obtained:

  • Garden of Tears (Regina) battle
  • Corrupted Queen (Regina) battle
  • Island Ruins (Braha) battle
  • Twists in Time (Braha) battle
  • Temple of the Fallen Moon (Lord Glas Ghaibhleann) battle
  • Shadow and Light (Lord Glas Ghaibhleann) battle
  • Radiance (Lugh Lamhfada) battle
  • Shining Lugh (Lugh Lamhfada) battle
  • Agony and Despair (Eochaid) battle
  • Under the Surface (Eochaid) battle
  • Denizen of the Deep (Abomination) battle
  • The Missing Soul (Dullahan) battle
  • The Price of Failure (Aes Sidhe) battle
  • Iron Fist (Arcana) battle
  • Distorted Truth (Rupacitus) battle



Item Dismantling Revamp

  • Dismantling multiple items at once is now possible
  • Previously, items could only be dismantled individually, and had to wait awhile for each item to be dismantled.
  • After the revamp, up to 20 items can be dismantled at once, and dismantling is carried out immediately after a simple confirmation process.
  • This is limited to Expertise Dismantling and will not operate on dismantling Lv. 90 and higher Composite Items.
  • ※ Dismantling Composite Items is a function that is available from Dianann.



Character Rebalancing


Common Skills

  • Increased advancement distance in normal attacks

Status Effect

  • Removed Status Effect Cooldown: Absolute Fury and replaced with Cooldown: Swift Fury
  • Restricted concurrent uses of Absolute Fury and Forced Lightning Fury with Status Effects

Gliding Fury

  • Increased attack range at Gliding Fury activation
  • Increased advancement distance
  • Critical Hit triggered with accurate Smash Charge
  • * 70% of SP will be consumed if the Grab Button has been used, and you will have 10 seconds of Cooldown: Swift Fury
  • * Cooldown: Swift Fury will be 15 seconds when Absolute Fury is used.

Lightning Fury

  • Increased attack range at Gliding Fury activation
  • Increased advancement distance
  • Critical Hit triggered with accurate Gliding Fury
  • * 50% of SP will be consumed if the Grab Button has been used, and you will have 10 seconds of Cooldown: Swift Fury


Twin Swords
Gust Sting

  • Can use the Gust Sting version prior to learning the skill when the Smash Button is quickly released
  • Slip Dash can now be triggered even while Gust Sting is charging

Rising Crescent

  • Decreased STA consumption
  • Decreased SP acquisition

Pummel Storm

  • Decreased STA consumption
  • Increased the distance advanced
  • Issue fixed where the camera loses track of Lann when additional attack for Pummel Storm is executed

450 Twin Edge

  • Decreased STA consumption
  • Increased the distance advanced
  • Able to change direction once more during attack

Fanning Slash

  • Improved attack hit box in front
  • Decreased STA consumption
  • Increased SP acquisition

Slip Dash - Nimble Dash

  • Increased the distance advanced

Double Crescent

  • Improved attack hit box


Twin Spears

  • Belclaire can now be activated even while an enemy is marked with Blood Pact
  • Increased Blood Pact duration
  • Increased damage inflicted on targets marked with Blood Pact
  • Lowered damage for Belclaire attacks
  • Blood Pact renewed to the newly inflicted enemy, if another target is attacked with Belclaire after Belclaire was used to mark an enemy with Blood Pact

Spear Dash

  • Increased the distance advanced

Fury Infusion

  • Shorter cooldown period when used whilst moving




Common Skills

  • Shield Dash has been nerfed

Shield Dash

  • Status Effects obtained via Shield Deflection no longer apply during Shield Dash
  • Fixed the issue where you would return to default pose and the gauge is reset when you attempt to use Shield Dash with the Kick button while changing pose after an attack


Rose Thorns

  • Even if you did learn Rose Thorns skill, when you quickly release the Smash button, you can use the Rose Thorns version before learning the skill
  • Rolling dodge can now be triggered while Rose Thorns is charging
  • Rose Thorns can now be canceled using Guard
  • Fixed the issue where Shield Enhancement Status Effect would turn off when incapacitated

Shield Enhancement

  • Shield Enhancement remains even when incapacitated during battle


  • When the first hit for 'Counterattack' is activated, you will become invincible for a short duration
  • You are now able to designate the attack direction when the first hit for 'Counterattack' is activated
  • Now the damage increase from Shield Enhancement is evenly distributed between the first and second hits

Amaranth Kick

  • Additional attack is triggered after Amaranth Kick Activated via Smash button
  • The previously chainable Ivy Sweep additional attack is changed to the Normal Attack button


Long Hammer
Butterfly Swing

  • Adjusted part of the attack hit box for the Stigma Hammer combo attack
  • Restored to enable charging when chained with Stigma Hammer

Stigma Hammer

  • Changed so that charging is quicker when Stigma Hammer is activated alone

Tireless Status Effect

  • Does not turn off even when incapacitated


  • Can now be used to cancel charging Honeybee Sting




Battle Pillar

  • Increased the Attack Speed boost from Stompede : from 40 → 45
  • Increased the Attack Speed boost from Bison Stance : from 10 → 15
  • Resolved the issue where inputting War Slam was incorrectly being input as Whale Bomb


  • Blast: Destroyer – Remaining Critical trigger count now marked in the Status Effect icon
  • Blast: Diamond Rush – Able to connect to normal attacks after Blast more easily
  • Active: Hulking Fury – improved to have invincible status at the moment of activation




Twin Swords
Gust Sting

  • Even if you did learn Gust Sting skill, when you quickly release the Smash button, you can use the Gust Sting version before learning the skill
  • Storm Step can be triggered even while Gust Sting is charging
  • Slightly improved the attack hit box for the 4-hit Smash attack and Thunderous Squall
  • Increased Blade Heart skill rank from Rank A → Rank 6
  • Increased Sword’s Will duration from 40 → 60 seconds




Common Skills

  • The following Status Effects have been nerfed: Mana Instability, Accentato, Mana Shock



  • Mana Crystal – If there are no targeted enemies when you retrieve the Mana Crystal, now the enemy affected by Mana Tracers mark is targeted instead
  • Arcane Flurry – Changed the Arcane Flurry hit sound
  • Fixed the issue where the MP charge amount was applied as 200 upon using MP Swap



  • Added skills exclusive to Arisha’s Spellwhip – Active: Staccato Burst, Mana Transition

Active: Staccato Burst

  • Attack enemies with the Spellwhip and use the recoil to move quickly to the attacked location
  • Then use the Focus to bombard the enemy
  • Can adjust direction when bombarding
  • Fixed the issue where SP consumption was applied as 300
  • Adjusted the range of the last attack hit box
  • Increased the amount of SP and MP received

Mana Transition

  • Consume 250 SP to convert it to 100 MP
  • Cannot be used again as you enter the Mana Instability state after use

Active: Motivation

  • Mana Instability Effect removed when in use

Mana Bis

  • Removed minimum MP requirement to activate Mana Bis

Active: Mana Capriccio

  • Increased the amount of MP received

Stringendo Strike and Breathless Rush

  • Improved Arishas mechanism for accruing Breathless Rush via Stringendo Strike
  • By using the Dodge button during Arishas Stringendo Strike, you can now connect to Marcato Rush
  • Fixed the issue where Arisha could not properly use some ES Moves while equipping a Spellwhip
  • Fixed the issue where Arisha could not properly activate kick-related equipment abilities while equipping a Spellwhip




Active: Chambers of Death

  • Targets [Swift Assassin] changes to [Zhen Swift Assassin] if the target with [Swift Assassin] is successfully executed with Active: Chambers of Death

Golden Arm

  • Now able to gain Furious Tiger if the attack with Golden Arm is successful
  • You’ll get Zhen Furious Tiger for linking Golden Arm and Killer Dart
  • Little Rat and Golden Arm can only get Zhen Furious Tiger when the attack connects to Killer Dart Attacks from Little Rat and Golden Arm, cannot provide Zhen Furious Tiger to each other


  • Slightly decreased Stamina and HP recovery values from Spiked Ferrule





Active: Bloodletting

  • New skill, Active: Bloodletting has been added – Successfully attacking wounded targets will add an additional wound duration
  • Changed cooldown for the new skill Bloodletting to 1 minute 40 seconds
  • Of the Skill Awakening effect for the new skill Bloodletting, changed Major Cooldown to Cooldown




Ion Thrust

  • Decreased SP consumption
  • Increased damage




Dragon Knight Transformation Status Effect

  • Removed Speedy Stamina Restoration effect

Fiery Chainswing

  • Decreased SP acquisition





  • Acquire SP upon landing Gale Kick and Twister Kick while you have the Deft Status Effect
  • SP acquisition amount varies depending on the stage of the Status Effect





  • Changed Continual Focus Status Effects duration to 60 seconds

Battle Scythe
Arcane Gate

  • Now invincible while casting
  • You no longer fall, even if attacked by enemies during the attack motion
  • Significantly increases Movement Speed when moving while hidden
  • Can connect attacks faster than before when moving while hidden
  • Now Movement Speed gradually increases when moving while hidden




Normal Attacks

  • Increased the attack hit box range upward
  • Can attack flying monsters more easily

Phantom Shard

  • Only 1 Phantom Shard is consumed if attacked by an enemy while you have Phantom Shards
  • Removed damage reduction effect when attacked by an enemy while you have Phantom Shards
  • All Phantom Shards disappear once you’re unable to battle
  • Changed so that if you are attacked by an enemy while you have Phantom Shards, the time for Phantom Force: Blade converting into Hilt is not reset
  • Changed so that if you are attacked by an enemy while you have Phantom Shards, 1 Phantom Shard disappears and damage is slightly reduced

Impulse Zone

  • Changed Impulse Zones ground effect
  • Improved so that the effect is better visible from the party members perspectives
  • Increased Impulse Zone duration to 20 seconds

Extinction Roar

  • SP is not consumed instantly when using Extinction Roar, but consumed with the actual attack

Illusion Shield

  • Changed to reduce Status Effect duration by 5 seconds when attacked by monsters
  • When in battle in a group of 4 or more, Illusion Shield is granted to party members with the lowest HP first

Soul Drain

  • Lowered max HP amount that can be recovered when attacking monsters

Phantom Force

  • Hilt is removed immediately upon getting attacked by enemies while Phantom Force: Hilt is applied