Daily Guild Mission Event

  • 2 years ago


2018-01-28 Update:

Greetings Mercenaries,

We apologize for the confusion regarding the actual color of the 'Chubby Panda Backpack.' In-game, the backpack will show as a panda-shaped backpack with a white body and black limbs (unlike the screenshot). We apologize once again for the confusion and we thank you for your understanding regarding.

- The Vindictus Team



Event Start January 21st (After Maintenance)
Event End February 18th (Before Maintenance)
Event Details & Conditions
  • Receive 3 tickets when you complete all Guild missions.
  • Exchange the tickets for various items from the Exchange Shop.
Exchange Shop Items
  • Chubby Panda Backpack
  • Damascus Steel (Binding)
  • Pink Heart Wings (30 Days)
  • Title: Guild Worker
  • Goddess Grace (Binding)
  • Server Megaphone (Binding)
  • Merc Recovery Potion (Binding)
* Please note that the outfits displaying the Chubby Panda Backpack and Pink Heart Wings are not included, only the listed items are given as rewards.