Valentine's Day Is Back!

  • 2 years ago


Valentine's Day is back Mercenaries and it's only a week away!
Find your true love with the 'Valentine Hearts Event,' and go on to pick up the 'Valentine's Day Love Package' to clutch a rose between your teeth. Then, finally, get you and your sweetheart matching 'Devotion Rings' before the big day!
Happy Valentine's!


Valentine Hearts Event

The Strange Traveler's feeling lonely and while the prospects of his love life may be at least as terrifying as a Fomor horde, that's no reason not to cheer up the little guy. Find your match or join the Strange Traveler in bachelorhood and gain a new title and a pair of grand emblems!

Event Start February 7th (After Maintenance)
Event End February 18th (Before Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Speak to the Strange Traveler in Colhen about his love life and receive the 'Strange Warm Package.'
  • Open the package to receive a pair of random Heart halves, one bound to your character and one that is tradable.
  • Find another player with the other half of that heart and trade your halves!
  • Use the bound Heart to create a full Heart!
  • Bring the Heart to the Strange Traveler to receive the "Better Together" title scroll, and Emblem: Shining Gremlin or Emblem: Karma.
  • Alternatively, if you cannot find another player with the hearts, speak to the Strange Traveler to give up, and receive the "Proud Loner" title, and Emblem: Shining Gremlin or Emblem: Karma.
  • Titles have no stats.
  • Event can only be completed once per account.
  • We apologize for the lack of clarity. Please note that you can only match the original pair of heart halves you obtain from the Strange Traveler. Thank you for your understanding.


Valentine's Day Love Package

The 'Valentine's Day Love Package' contains two simple items: A lovely, red 'Fragrant Rose' for your mercenary to hold between their teeth as headgear item, as well as an 'Armor Fusion Rune' to make your favorite helmet hold the appearance of your new flower.

Sale Start February 7th (After Maintenance)
Sale End February 18th (Before Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
Price 3,900 NX
  • 1x Fragrant Rose
  • 1x Armor Fusion Rune
  • 'Fragrant Rose' is a headgear item with no stats.
  • 'Armor Fusion Rune' can be used to transfer the appearance of one gear item to item, provided they can both be equipped and in the same slot.


Valentine's Day Devotion Ring Box

Of course, nothing quite spells devotion like a gorgeous ring. The 'Valentine's Day Devotion Ring Box' lets you give your favorite someone a personalized ring providing ATT and DEF, etching it with their name while you keep one for yourself.

Sale Start February 7th (After Maintenance)
Sale End February 18th (Before Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • Devotion Ring for yourself.
  • Tradable Devotion Ring etched with another character's name.
  • Devotion Rings last for 30 Days.
Price 1,900 NX


Premium Seal Package

This is a special seal package for heroes who have reached their peak potential.

Sale Start February 7th (After Maintenance)
Sale End February 18th (Before Maintenance)
  • Premium Enhancement Rune Plus
  • 80x Seal of Bravery
  • 70x Triumph Medal
Price 30,300 NX (11)
27,200 NX