Raid Wild Event & More!

  • 2 years ago



The Return of Gallagher’s Dice Game

Event Start February 18th (After Maintenance)
Event End March 12th (Before Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Complete all the 'Today’s Missions' and receive 3 dice for the Gallagher’s Dice Game.
  • The die gained from this event is used for playing the Gallagher’s Dice Game. Press the [Random Box] button at the bottom of your screen to get started. The received die from this event will all expire after the Gallagher’s Dice Game Event ends, so make sure to take it back to Gallagher before the event is over.

Receive surprise gifts with the 'Gallagher’s Dice Game' and additional 'Quality Booster Coupon Fragment' for completing a lap around the entire board. For every 5 'Quality Booster Coupon Fragments,' you can use 'Quick Crafting' to get a 'Quality Booster Coupon!'



The Abundant Luminary Dungeon Event

Event Start February 18th (After Maintenance)
Event End March 26th (Before Maintenance)
Event Details
  • During the event period, all users at Lv.70 or over will be eligible to receive the 'Gathering Dungeon Entry Ticket' in their mailboxes.
  • If you are at least Lv.70 or over, you will be able to talk to Shyla and begin your story: 'Event: Shayla's Gathering Dungeon.'
  • Each 'Gathering Dungeon' can be accessed via using the 'Gathering Dungeon Entry Ticket.'
  • At the end of each 'Gathering Dungeon,' be prepared to face 'Vengeful Langro!'
  • Be pumped and ready to gather more goodies from the 'Gathering Dungeon!'
  • You can gather either the 'Blue Gathering Essences' (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) or the 'Red Gathering Essences' (Tues, Thur, Sat, Sun) and these can be traded for various items at Shayla’s Shop listed below.


Blue Gathering Essences

Items # of Blue Gathering Essences Needed
Gremlin Balloon Box 60
Kitty Tail 60
Small Eyeglasses (Event) 50
Swirly Glasses (Event) 50
Gremlin in the Hat 60
Forest Gremlin in the Hat 50
Cat Headpiece 60
Baseball Cap Box 50
Panda Headpiece (Female) 60
Panda Headpiece (Male) 60
Prime Bunny Ear Headband 50
Soccer Ball Hat 40
Soccer Ball Hairpin 40
Heavy Ballistics Helmet 50
Rose Shaped Glasses Beret 50
Aurora Princess Tiara (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Blouse (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Gown (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Gloves (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Shoes (Event) 30


Red Gathering Essences

Items # of Red Gathering Essences Needed
Golden Headcat 60
Honeybee Headband 50
Honeybee T-Shirt 50
Bear Ears Hairpin 50
Fox Ear Hairpin 50
Superior Bunny Ear Headband 50
Fluffy Halo 60
Cat Headpiece 50
Oni Mask 40
Oni Horns 40
Flashing Devil Horn Headband 50
Glowing Devil Horn Headband 50
Halloween Bat Headband 50
Bandaged Eye Patch 50
Eye Patch 50
Tin-Can Robot Helm (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Mail (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Greaves (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Gauntlets (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Boots (Event) 30



ON TIME Event!

Event Start February 18th (After Maintenance)
Event End March 26th (Before Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Log in and stay tuned!
  • Fulfill your log in time and receive Event Coupons.
  • Exchange your Event Coupons at the Exchange Shop!


Time Required (Hrs) Coupons Given
0.5 1
1 2
5 3
10 4
20 5
30 6


Items Available At Exchange Shop Amount Coupons Required Limits
Airtight +13 50% Brilliant Enhancement Stone (Level 95, Gift) 1 30 1 per UID
Premium Enchant Rune 1 15 1 per UID
Premium Enhancement Rune 1 12 1 per UID
Rare Legendary Chunk Destiny Box (Level 95, Weapon) 1 10 1 per UID
Damascus Steel 1 7 3 per UID
Party Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 20 2 N/A
Goddess Grace (Party, Binding) 5 2 N/A



Raid WILD Event

Event Start February 18th (After Maintenance)
Event End March 26th (Before Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Go nuts with all the Season 3 Raids.
  • Receive 'Raid Wild Event Coupon' for your successful completion of each Season 3 Raids!
  • Exchange those 'Raid Wild Event Coupons' for various rewards listed below!
  • Please note that all items received will not be tradable.


Items Available at Exchange Shop Amount Coupons Required Limits
Golden Pighead 1 120 1 per Character
Restoration 50% Discount Scroll 1 105 1 per Character
Rare Legendary Armor Chunk Destiny Box 1 75 1 per Character
Mysterious Shard Grade 1 1 60 3 per Character
Abyssal Shard Grade 1 1 60 3 per Character
Emblem: Winter Panda 1 30 1 per Character
Damascus Steel (Binding) 1 30 10 per Character
Title: Season 3 Raid Conqueror 1 15 1 per Character
Title: Season 3 Boss Conqueror 1 15 1 per Character
Intermediate Element Stone 1 15 2 per Character
Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 1 1 N/A