Eira Update

  • 2 years ago



She had never let go of her past, and deep inside, she had unceasingly rendered herself liable for all the tragic and hapless outcomes that her family had to face. Her past had haunted her day and night. Then she had finally decided…

Vowing to never lose her precious family again, she was now determined to find her long lost sister, Arisha. A sense of warmth still resided in her heart, perhaps a mark left by her dearly beloved sister, Arisha...




Portal Leap

Portal Leap allows Eira to open portals which she can quickly warp through with the use of Mana. During the transition, Eira maintains invincible and will be able to pass through enemies.


Gravity Rounds

With the use of Gravity Rounds, Eira is able to create an anti-gravity field, suspending all weakened enemies.


Infinity Shot

Eira can rapidly fire both Mana Revolvers to create a massive barrage of bullets from the portals with Infinity Shot.

Waveform Collapse

Waveform Collapse binds the enemy and unleashes a concentrated stream of shots while swiftly moving around the area. Eira can also summon countless spears to attack her foes through her portals.


Experience the exhilarating revolver-portal mechanics of the void witch now!


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