Guild House: Dungeon + Improvements

  • 2 years ago


Guild Dungeon

  • The 'Guild Dungeon' will be added to the Guild House.
    • You can depart for the 'Dusk on Crescent Moon Island' battle.
    • You can depart through the 'Airship Pilot' at the Guild House.
    • You can depart up to 3 times a week. The departure count resets on Monday.
    • The departure limit will not increase with Extra Passport items, other events, etc.
    • The Guild Dungeon is a battle where up to 4 players from the same guild form a party and depart together.
    • If you leave during a battle, you cannot re-enter.
    • To allow players to depart with different guild members, the battle mechanics may be different from normal battles.
      • You can move to the desired area during battle. You can check the boss location with the Area Map.
      • The battle ends when you defeat the last boss.
      • Damage you take from enemies and damage you deal to enemies is adjusted to the appropriate level, creating no major difference between different equipment.

    • If you have a Guild Feast, the damage you inflict in the Guild Dungeon will increase according to the level of the feast.
    • Comrades and pets cannot depart with you.
    • You can obtain the 'Coveted Treasure Chest' as a reward and open it with the 'Coveted Treasure Chest Key.'



  • [Improvements to Joining Guilds]
    • You can use Guild Search Settings to set Guild Tags, toggle Receive Guild Applications, etc.
    • In the Search Guilds tab, you can refer to the Guild Tags to easily apply for guilds you want.
    • When applying, you can include a brief description about yourself.

  • [Improvements to Guild Conveniences]
    • 'ID: Enjoying Guilds 100%' story has been added.
    • You can enter a 'Guild Motto' to say more about yourself to guild members.
    • The guild master and administrators can use 'Guild Mail' to send mail to guild members.


Guild House

  • This has been improved, so now you can also pay Guild House dues with GP.
    • The guild master and administrators can use [Change Payment Method] under the Guild House tab to select the dues payment method between Guild Fund and GP.
    • The new method selected with [Change Payment Method] will be applied starting the next dues cycle.
    • When paying unpaid dues, you can select which payment method you would like to use between Guild Fund and GP.

  • This has been changed, so if the guild has enough saved for the next month's dues payment method, the 'Dues Scheduled Payment' notification window will only be displayed the very first time.