Monthly UCC Event

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: August 27th - December 31st, 2019

Challenge! on being the 2019 UCC Creator for Vindictus! Within the duration of the monthly-held event, create and submit any User-Created-Content video related to Vindictus on our designated Discord channel and win special rewards! As long as it is Vindictus-related, anyone is able to freely submit and the Vindictus Team will choose the best accordingly at the end of each month and give out special rewards after the monthly winner announcement is posted! Join now, have fun, and earn rewards!

  1. Create a UCC video relating to Vindictus within the duration of the event period and upload it on your YouTube channel with the following tags: #vindictus #ucc #freetoplay

  2. Make a submission on the corresponding event channel in our Discord titled, #monthly-ucc-event (, using the form below:
    1. Server & Character Name:
      Applying Month:
      YouTube Video Link:
      Video Created Date:
      Short Description of Video:

  3. The Vindictus Team will then review the submissions at the end of each month and select 3 best Vindictus-related UCCs for the special rewards below!

-------------------- [Rewards] --------------------

The [Designer's Gift Box]
VVIP Service (30 Days)
Additional Departure Boost Pack (30 Days)
Cadet Badge (30 Days)

In-Game & Discord Title
'UCC Creative Creator'


* Remember! Only UCCs created during the duration of the event period are eligible
and make sure to add in the 3 tags!

May the creativity wars begin!