Returned Death Cube

  • 2 years ago


Sale Period: September 24th - October 29th
Exchange Shop: September 24th - November 5th

The Returned Death Cube is finally here Mercenaries! Get in touch with your dark side, with the fierce deep black 'Death Knight/Lady Set' today!

Item Name Contents Price
Returned Death Cube
Airtight Dragon Wings

Airtight Death Knight Outfit (Effect)

Airtight Death Lady Outfit (Effect)

Airtight Mad Dog Outfit
Airtight Moonshot Shirt
Airtight Moonshot Blouse

Airtight Special Succubus Queen Set

And Many Other Items!

1,900 (1)

20,900 (11)
19,000 (11)

62,700 (33)
57,000 (33)

104,500 (55)
95,000 (55)


[Exchange Shop]

Item Name Quantity Required
Airtight Dragon Wings 1 450 N/A 1t
Airtight Special Death Knight Set
Airtight Special Death Lady Set
Airtight Special Succubus Queen Set
Airtight Special Moonshot Shirt Set 400
Airtight Special Moonshot Blouse Set
Airtight Special Mad Dog Set
VVIP Service Package (30 Days, Gift) 100 UID
Premium Enhancement Rune (Gift) 80
Enhancement Rune (Gift) 30
Divine Blessing Stone 30 10 N/A
Max Durability Increase Potion (Gift) 4 2
Goddess Grace 5
Merc Recovery Potions (Gift) 20