Pet Daycare

  • 2 years ago


A daycare has been established for your loyal companions. Find the Pet Daycare teacher near the Guild Farm inside the Guild House. When you drop a pet off at daycare, it will gain EXP while your character is logged in.

  • A Pet Daycare has been established in the Guild House.
    • Only one pet per account can be placed with the Pet Daycare.
    • Lv. 50 pets cannot be dropped off at the Pet Daycare.
    • You cannot drop off a pet that is currently summoned at the Pet Daycare.
    • Pets left at the Daycare only gain EXP when the character is logged in.

  • Purchase "[Guild] Regular Pet Daycare Treat" to accelerate your pet's development.
    • Can be purchased from the Seal Shop within the Exchange Shop and from the Guild House's Guild Shop.
    • A limited number of treats can be given to a pet for each level range.

  • You can pet the pets your guild members drop off at the Pet Daycare through the [Guild Pets] option to accelerate their development.
    • You can see which of your guild members have petted your pet in the [Pet Record].
    • When a guild member pets your pet, you can return the favor using the "pet back" option in the [Pet Record].
    • Each pet can be petted a limited number of times for each level range.
    • If you are a member of more than one guild, you can pet up to 5 pets per guild per day.