[2019 STEAM Awards] Vote for Vindictus!

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: November 26th 10 A.M. - December 3rd 10 A.M. PT

It's that time of the year again Mercenaries where STEAM is holding its yearly awards ceremony! This year, Vindictus has a shot at winning 'The Labor of Love Award!' The Labor of Love Award' is an award that goes to "a game that is well passed its creative baby stage moreover continues to nurture and support its creation by providing new content up to this day after all these years." Help Vindictus win this award by giving your vote for nomination and win rewards from us as well! This is your chance to show your appreciation and support for this game Mercenaries. But we'll still love you even though we don't make it. ;)


---------- Event Details ----------

  1. Go to the Vindictus STEAM Store Page. (LINK)

  2. Click the red box to nominate Vindictus for the 'Labor of Love' award.

  3. Wait until December 31st for the winner announcement from STEAM and the Vindictus reward distribution notice.

  4. Celebrate whatever the result and enjoy the rewards!


---------- Event Rewards ----------

  • Rewards if you vote for Vindictus:
    • x1 7-Day VVIP
    • x1 500 AP

  • If Vindictus is nominated as one of the finalists for the 'Labor of Love' award, all will receive:
    • x1 Permanent Hair Exchange Coupon
    • x1 Permanent Inner Armor Exchange Coupon
    • x1 15-Day VVIP

  • If Vindictus wins the 2019 'Labor of Love' award, everyone will receive:
    • x1 30-Day VVIP
    • x1 Fallen Angel Wings Destiny Box (1 out of the 5 colors):


Regardless, thank you always for your love and support for Vindictus.