Winter Bingo Event

  • 4 years ago


Event Period: December 17th - 31st
Bingo Board Open Period: December 17th - January 7th, 2020

The fun game of Bingo is back in Vindictus with updated rewards! Let's play a game of Bingo together and win free rewards it gives! Are you able to complete all the lines this time? Challenge your limits now!


Event Details

  • Per-character Event
  • Bingo game can only be played once.
  1. Obtain a [Winter Bingo Ticket] by clearing the 'Battle of the Day.'
    1. Able to obtain 5 max. per day.
    2. Ticket expires on January 7th, 2020 7 A.M. UTC.
    3. The ticket is not tradable.

  2. Collect [Winter Bingo Ticket]s and exchange them with 'Bingo Number Pouches' from the Exchange Shop.
    1. 1 number, from within the configured range, will randomly appear from the 'Random Number Pouch.'
    2. A desired number can be selected from the 'Bingo Number Pouch.'

  3. Complete Bingo with numbers obtained and get rewards!

Exchange Shop

Item Name Required
Bingo Random Number Pouch (1-5) 1 1/7/2020
7 A.M. UTC
Bingo Random Number Pouch (6-10)
Bingo Random Number Pouch (11-15)
Bingo Random Number Pouch (16-20)
Bingo Random Number Pouch (21-25)
Bingo Number Pouch 3
100 AP Capsule (Gift) 1 -
  • Exchange Quantity: Can be purchased without limit.


Event Rewards

Selected Line Rewards

Line Item Name Quantity
0 Element Stone Catalyst 2
1 Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Binding) 5
2 Ampoule Extractor (Binding) 4
3 Shining Kitty Ticket 2
4 Goddess Grace (Binding) 2
5 Perpetual Enchant Coupon (Gift) 1
6 Element Stone Catalyst 2
7 Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule 1
8 Shining Kitty Ticket 2
9 Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule 1
10 Damascus Steel (Binding) 2
11 Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding) 1
  • All items above are not tradable.

Completed Line Rewards

Completed Line Item Name Expires
3 Intermediate Element Stone x1 1/31/2020
7 A.M. UTC
5 Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone x1
8 Unstable Enchant Rune (Binding) x1
12 Aes Sidhe's/Dullahan's Essence Destiny Box x1
  • All items above are not tradable.
  • Aes Sidhe's/Dullahan's Essence Destiny Box is a crafting material for Frozen type (Lv.90) rings and 1 can be selected.