AP Prize Wheel Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: January 7th - 28th, 2020

Who needs some AP boost? Or better yet, who wants the adorable Shiba Chapeau! For only 3 whole weeks, log into Vindictus every day throughout the event period to receive a [Winter AP Prize Wheel Box] from us! Open this box for a [Winter AP Spin Ticket] to win up to 5000 AP Capsules on the Roulette and a [Winter Coupon] to exchange for the adorable [Shiba Chapeau] and many more! Do not miss this chance and make the most out of this opportunity Mercenary!


Event Details

  1. Earn the [Winter AP Prize Wheel Box]!

    1. Weekday: Login with a Lv. 20+ to receive 1 [Winter AP Prize Wheel Box] to your Mailbox! (Per Character.)

    2. Weekend: Login with a Lv. 20+ to receive 2 [Winter AP Prize Wheel Box] to your Mailbox! (Per Character.)

    3. Battles: Clear battles at your level to receive 1 [Winter AP Prize Wheel Box]! (Can obtain up to 3.)

  • [Winter AP Prize Wheel Box] Consists Of:
    • Winter AP Spin Ticket (Prize Wheel Coupon) - Expires Jan. 28th, 2020 7 A.M. UTC.
    • Winter Coupon (Exchange Shop Coupon) - Expires Feb. 4th, 2020 7 A.M. UTC.

  • Prize Wheel
    • Use 1 [Winter AP Spin Ticket] to spin the Prize Wheel for AP.
    • You can shuffle the Prize Wheel by using 1 [Winter AP Spin Ticket] as well.


Event Rewards

Prize Wheel Reward

Rank Items Quantity
S AP 5000 Capsule (Gift) 1
AP 4000 Capsule (Gift)
AP 3000 Capsule (Gift)
A AP 2000 Capsule (Gift)
AP 1500 Capsule (Gift)
AP 1000 Capsule (Gift)
AP 600 Capsule (Gift)
AP 500 Capsule (Gift)
B AP 450 Capsule (Gift)
AP 300 Capsule (Gift)
AP 250 Capsule (Gift)
AP 200 Capsule (Gift)
AP 150 Capsule (Gift)
AP 100 Capsule (Gift)
C AP 90 Capsule (Gift)
AP 80 Capsule (Gift)
AP 60 Capsule (Gift)
AP 50 Capsule (Gift)
AP 40 Capsule (Gift)
AP 30 Capsule (Gift)
AP 20 Capsule (Gift)
AP 10 Capsule (Gift)

* All items above are Bound to Character and expires on Feb. 4th 7 A.M. UTC.


Exchange Shop Reward

Items Required Coupons Exchange
Shiba Chapeau (Outfit) x1 28 x1 per Character
Emblem: Majestic Shiba x1 24
Damascus Steel (Binding) x1 8 ID x5
Goddess Grace (Binding) x1 5 No Limit
Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) x1 2

* All items above are Bound to Character.