Regarding Voice Feature Revamp

  • 4 years ago


Dear Mercenaries,

Last year November, we applied new character voices with the new Character Friendship System Update. We prepared the new voices and sounds of characters to not be too variant; however, many of our users responded as it was too awkward to adjust. Receiving continuous feedback from our community that our Mercenaries have been yearning to have the old voices back, weve made improvements to the implemented new voices as below.

First, we added the option of selecting from Korean/English for the new character voices through the December update. However, additional requests to separate the voices for combat and Character Friendship System was submitted. With consideration, we have worked hard in trying to bring you the 2nd phase of improvement that will allow our Mercenaries to choose voices for their characters battle and Friendship System separately, which will be coming in the near update of February 25th.

List of Features to Be Added Are as Follows:

  • A selectable feature for in-game Character Shout Voices will be added.
  • Character Emotes will be separated. (Korean/English Voice Selection will be supported)
  • In-game Settings > Audio > Character Emotes & Character Shout Voices will be selectable for either Korean/English voices.
  • Depending on the language set for Character Emotes/Character Shout Voices, character voices of the Friendship System will be automatically changed as well.
  • The Character Emotes will be related to the fellow Heros voice when having a conversation through the Friendship System.
  • The Character Shout Voice will be associated with your colleagues' shouts when on missions through the Friendship System.
  • The default language for Character Emotes will be set to 'English.'

We agree with you that the new voices of the characters, which were changed suddenly one morning, be ever so awkward and difficult to understand, as all of you have enjoyed playing with our Heroes with their old voices for several years.

The Vindictus Team will take this opportunity to listen to our community more and to provide our community with the best possible service further on. If you experience any inconvenience while playing Vindictus, please do not hesitate to send us a CS ticket.

Thank you always for your love and support.

- The Vindictus Team