Update Regarding the Fatigue System

  • 3 years ago


Greetings Mercenaries,

First of all, we’d like to apologize if you’ve experienced any inconvenience caused by the sudden addition of the new Fatigue System.

As mentioned previously in our notice, the Fatigue System has been implemented to act as an essential element in the various contents to be developed in the future to provide our Mercenaries with higher quality contents, also to act as a countermeasure to sanction any illegal activity, such as reckless mining, within the service. With regard to this, we will share with you the contents-to-be-developed as soon as they are ready.

Furthermore, the Vindictus Team is continuously exploring various ways to reduce the inconvenience our Mercenaries are experiencing since the Fatigue System update.

As one of them, we’ve decided to provide our Mercenaries with FREE Fatigue Recovery Potions only for a limited time, as below:

[FREE Fatigue Recovery Potions: 2-Weeks Limited]

  • Item: x10 Ceara's Special Fatigue Recovery Potions (Bind)
  • Supply Period: After 2/17 (Mon.)’s Weekly Maintenance – Before 3/2 (Mon.)’s Weekly Maintenance

  • [How-to-Receive Them]
    • In-game > Cash Shop > Event Item > Purchase x10 of [Caera’s Special Fatigue Recovery Potion] for 0 NX!
    • Note: You can only purchase it once per character.

Additionally, in the next update, we are reviewing to bring additional events that will allow Fatigue Recovery Potions to be obtained naturally during battles, and we will inform you of the confirmed contents through a notice in the future.

We will always do our best to bring and provide the best service to our Mercenaries.

Thank you always for your love and support.

- The Vindictus Team