v.2.61 Updates

  • 1 year ago


1. Voice Feature Revamp

As announced previously, the voices of the characters have been revamped through today’s update. Please click ‘HERE’ for more details about the changes.


2. New Website Coupon System

You can now redeem your coupons when you receive them right here on our Official Website! Click ‘HERE’ to check out the whole guide and how easy it is to use!


3. Bug Fix

  • Fixed the issue where the battle name was incorrectly displayed during the chat with the Strange Traveler regarding the story, ‘Reach Level 65!’

  • Fixed the issue that incorrectly displayed the following butterfly wings when worn. (Mysterious Butterfly Wing, Rosy Butterfly Wing Azure Butterfly Wing, Pure Butterfly Wing)

  • Fixed the issue where empty spaces were visible when using the [Ancient Title Destiny Box].

  • Fixed the issue where some of the tips for the [Vanguard Recruit Bonus] were not visible.

  • Fixed the issue where [Super Kayna Trinket] icon in the Cash Shop was not visible.

  • Fixed the issue where Emote Motions [CherryBlossom] / [CrescentMoon] did not work when typing the chat shortcut.


4. AP Restriction Removed

  • The AP restriction of 50,000 APs has been removed with today's update.