Login Appreciation Event

  • 4 years ago

For the month of January, we're unleashing a simple little event, but one that holds a wealth of prizes. During the Login Appreciation Event, every 10 minutes you spend logged in to Vindictus will earn you a "Login Appreciation Ticket". These tickets can be traded into the Exchange Shop for a selection of prizes, including Premium Armor Fusion Runes, Server Megaphones, Bunny Ear Headbands or a new set of Inner Armors, the Strawberry Inner Armor!

Event Name Login Appreciation Event
Event Start Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 (End of Weekly Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 (Beginning of Weekly Maintenance)
Event Details
  • While logged onto a character in Vindictus, automatically receive a Login Appreciation Ticket every 10 minutes
  • Turn in Login Appreciation Tickets in the Exchange Shop for a variety of prizes
Event Rewards
  • 24x Login Appreciation Tickets: Server Megaphone
  • 120x Login Appreciation Tickets: Panda Costume Head
  • 120x Login Appreciation Tickets: Panda Costume Body
  • 120x Login Appreciation Tickets: Prime Bunny Ear Headband
  • 120x Login Appreciation Tickets: Armor Fusion Rune
  • 200x Login Appreciation Tickets: Premium Armor Fusion Rune (max of three per account)
  • 200x Login Appreciation Tickets: Enhancement Rune (once per account)
  • 200x Login Appreciation Tickets: Enchant Rune (once per account)
  • 600x Login Appreciation Tickets: Strawberry Inner Armor Coupon
  • The Strawberry Inner Armor coupon can be redeemed for a set of Permanent Strawberry Inner Armor in the Avatar Shop
  • The color of the Strawberry Inner Armor can be changed
  • Panda Costume Head and Body and Prime Bunny Ear Headband are equipment items
  • Event Rewards cannot be traded to other accounts
    • Panda Costume Items can be traded to other accounts, but only after applying an Unbind Potion to them
  • Login Appreciation Tickets can be traded between characters on the same account, but not between separate accounts
  • Login Appreciation Tickets will become unusable once the Login Appreciation Event is completed
  • Login Appreciation Tickets are placed in the NX Tab of a character's Inventory