One-Two-Three for the Returned Hero

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: April 21st - May 19th
Exchange Shop Period: April 21st - May 26th

Welcome back Mercenaries! To support our returning Mercenaries, we've organized an event that will help you get back on track as well as win rewards! Check out the event details below and we are glad you're back Hero!

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 90 or Higher)
  • You will receive 3 stories upon logging in with your Lv. 90+ character. (Each progresses separately.)
  • There will be a Redeemers buff. See below for details.

Story Events

  1. Event One: Growth Support Revamp

    1. Clear the 4 revamped growth support stories and receive a [Hero's Return Support Package].

    2. Item Name Quantity
      Divine Blessing Stone (Binding) 10
      Fine Aromatic Bath Soap 3
      Warm Welcome Box 5
      Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 15
      Goddess Grace (Binding) 5
      * The package and the items within are all bound to character.

  2. Event Two: First Step into Astera

    1. Defeat Claire, Elchulus, or Macha in Astera and receive a coupon and story item from it.

    2. Exchange the coupons at the Exchange Shop for rewards.

    3. Exchange Shop

      1. Item Name Required
        # of
        x1 Max Stat Legendary Ore Destiny Box 15 x1 per Character
        x1 Max Stat Astera's Essence: Armor Destiny Box 10
        x1 AP 500 Capsule (Gift) 5
        x1 Goddess Grace (Binding) 2 No Limit
        x1 Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 1
        * All Classes are allowed for exchange. / All items above are bound to character and have no expiration.

        1. Max Stat Legendary Ore Destiny Box

          1. Item Name Quantity
            Keen Legendary Ore 1
            Stable Legendary Ore
            Lightweight Legendary Ore
            Perfect Legendary Ore
            Solid Legendary Ore
            Smooth Legendary Ore
            * Items are bound to character.

        2. Max Stat Astera's Essence: Armor Destiny Box

          1. Item Name Quantity
            Astera's Essence: Head Armor 1
            Astera's Essence: Chest Armor
            Astera's Essence: Leg Armor
            Astera's Essence: Hand Armor
            Astera's Essence: Feet Armor
            * Items are bound to character.

    4. Collect 12 each of the proof items and you will receive the title, 'Astera Adventurer.'

  3. Event Three: The Taste of Redeemers

    1. Clear Neamhain in Redeemers 4 times and receive Damascus Steel x2.


Redeemers Event Buff Specifications

  • Buff Targets
    • Characters that have 100% or less progress for [Sea of Reflection].

  • Battles Where the Buff Applies
    • [Sea of Reflection] Normal Mode

  • Buff Duration
    • Lasts only during the [Sea of Reflection].

  • Buff Effects
    • ATT and M. ATT: +2000, applies up to 30k. (Ex. ATT: 29,000 -> Increases only up to 30,000)
    • DEF: +3000, applies up to 20k.
    • HP: +6000, applies up to 15k.
    • Additional Damage: +500, applies up to 4k.