Gallagher Will Restore Your Fatigue!

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: April 21st - May 19th

Gallagher loves Rock, Paper, and Scissors, and wants to challenge you to a game of it again! This time, he has offered to restore your Fatigue points as well if you play with him, so make sure to collect those tickets daily and go to Gallagher to receive your daily Fatigue potions to stay hydrated! Enjoy!

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 30 or Higher)

1. Every day upon logging in with your Lv. 30 or higher character, you'll receive 2 [Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge Tickets] through your Mail!

  • You are able to purchase more tickets from the Warm Welcome Shop for 50,000 Gold each (Up to 5 per day).
  • Tickets will expire on May 19th, 7 AM UTC.

2. Take the tickets and progress through the [Event: Gallagher's Caliber] story to challenge Gallagher in a Rock, Paper, Scissors showdown for some Fatigue Points.

  • If you win in Rock, Paper, Scissors, you'll get 3 Ceara's Fatigue Potions (Binding).
  • If you draw in Rock, Paper, Scissors, you'll get 2 Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding).
  • If you lose in Rock, Paper, Scissors, you'll get 1 Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding).

3. Bonus Mission!

  • If you lose 5 times in a row in a single day, you'll get 2 Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) and a Special Title!
    • The title can be traded at the Marketplace once.
    • Bonus mission rewards can only be claimed once a day. Draws do not count as a loss.
    • The event does not continue from the previous day's losses or wins. (Loss count resets daily.)
    • If you have not claimed the reward on the day, the following scenarios are possible:
      • Win-Win-Lose-Lose-Lose-Lose-Lose -- Counted as 5 losses in a row.
      • Lose-Win-Lose-Draw-Lose-Lose-Lose -- Does not count.
      • Lose-Win-Lose-Lose-Win-Lose-Lose -- Does not count.