Reilly's Full of Gloss Package & More!

  • 2 years ago


Supply Depot

Sale Period: May 19th - June 16th

Package Name Contents Price (NX)
Reilly's Full of Gloss Package
1 Reilly's Face Oil (Gift) - Account Shareable

1 Reilly's Body Oil (Gift) - Account Shareable


(6,900 + 11,800 - 20% Off)
  • The Package is character bound and has no purchase restrictions (can be gifted).
  • The item's effects are removed upon using the 'Appearance Alteration Coupon.'


Avatar Shop

Sale Period: May 19th - Always Available

Category Item Name Price (NX)
Inner Armor Dark Moon Inner Armor
4,400 (30 Days)

9,900 (Permanent)

  • Note: Goes well with the new Demon Hunter Set in Blooming Crystal.