Nighty Knight Special Dungeon Event

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: May 19th - June 2nd

Word has it that a shining box filled with various items is found only in Royal Army battles and Special Dungeons for only two weeks! Battle through these "gates of hell" to obtain these exclusive Boxes for rewards!

Event Details

Royal Army Battles

  • Complete Royal Army battles and earn a Shining Material Box.
    • Able to obtain up to 10 per week.

  • Royal Army Battles
    • Gates of Hell
    • The Dark, Dank Sewers
    • The Giant

Special Dungeons

  • Complete Special Dungeons and obtain a Shining Material Box upon completion.
    • Able to obtain 10 per week.

  • Special Dungeons
    • [S] Avatar of Destruction
    • [S] Memory of the Past
    • [S] Colru the Golem
    • [S] God of Death


Reward Details

Shining Material Box

  • Bound to character.
  • Expires June 16th, 2020 7 A.M. UTC.
  • No expiration for the items.
Item Name Quantity Tradability
Mysterious Shard Grade 1 1 Bound to Character
Abyssal Shard Grade 1
Damascus Steel (Binding)
Godly Cloth 5
Paradise Enhancement Stone
Paradise Orb
Heavenly Leather
Godly Iron Ore
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Account Shareable) 3 x1 per Account
Fine HP Potion 10 Bound to Character
AP 100 Capsule (Account Shareable) 1 Shareable Within Account