Royal Army Recruit's Reforge Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: June 2nd - June 16th
Exchange Shop Period: June 2nd - June 23rd

Veteran Mercenaries who love battling in Raids because they thirst for the challenge but want better rewards, we've brought an event exactly just that! Complete the Raids, collect Coupons from the Boxes that drop, and exchange yourself a Reward you want! It's exclusively run only for two weeks so make the most out of it Mercs!

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 95+)
  1. Battle Lv. 95 Raids + 'Suprise Attack' & 'Devil's Tower' to receive a [Royal Army Recruit's Supply Box 1] during the event period.

  2. Complete 'Red Stigma,' 'Grave of Madness,' 'Brilliant Lugh,' 'Eweca's Nightmare,' 'Dungeon Laboratory,' and 'Remembrance,' raid battles to earn the [Royal Army Recruit's Supply Box 2] during the event.

  3. Collect Coupons from the Supply Boxes to exchange for a Reward Item at the Exchange Shop.

[Royal Army Recruit's Supply Box 1]

Battle Regions

Level Battle Name Boss
95 The Missing Soul Dullahan
The Price of Failure Aes Sidhe
Iron Fist Arcana
Distorted Truth Rupacitus
100 Surprise Attack Claire
Devil's Tower Eternal Elchulus

Supply Box Contents (All Items Obtained)

Items Quantity
Royal Army Recruit Coupon Fragment 1
AP 300 Capsule (Gift)
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) 3
Heavenly Leather
Godly Cloth
Paradise Orb
Godly Iron Ore

* All items are bound to character.
* 2 Coupon Fragments can be crafted into 1 Coupon using the Quick Craft.

[Royal Army Recruit's Supply Box 2]

Battle Regions

Level Battle Name Boss
100 Red Stigma Macha
Grave of Madness Agares
Brilliant Lugh Lugh Lamhfada
Eweca's Nightmare Succubus Selren
Dungeon Laboratory Marject
Remembrance Aodhan

Supply Box Contents (1 Randomly Obtained Upon Open)

Item Quantity
Royal Army Recruit Coupon 1
Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding)
Unstable Enchant Rune (Binding)
Heavenly/Godly/Paradise Materials Box
Party Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 5
Superior HP Potion (Gift) 20
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) 3

* All items are bound to character.

Heavenly/Godly/Paradise Material Box Items (All Items Obtained)
  - All items are bound to character.

  • Heavenly Leather x5
  • Godly Cloth x5
  • Paradise Orb x5
  • Godly Iron Ore x5


Exchange Shop

Item Required
VVIP Service (15 Days) x1 12 x1 per Account
Additional Departure Boost (7 Days, Bound) x1 8
Astera's Essence Box x1 6 x2 per Account
Legendary Ore Destiny Box x1 4 x4 per Account
Title: Supply Sneaker x1 5 x1 per Character
Departure License (Event) x1 3 x3 per Character
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) x2 1 Unlimited
Goddess Grace (Binding) x1
Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) x1

* All items above are bound to character.

Astera's Essence Box (Expires June 30th)

  • Astera's Essence: Weapon (Bound to Character)

Legendary Ore Destiny Box (Expires June 30th)
  - All items are bound to character.

  • Keen Legendary Ore
  • Stable Legendary Ore
  • Lightweight Legendary Ore
  • Perfect Legendary Ore