Partial to the Martial Arts Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: July 7th - August 8th
Exchange Shop Period: July 7th - August 11th

Lethor is on her way and is expected to have her arrival to Colhen on July 21st! Therefore, to get you all prepared for her arrival, the Strange Traveler has a story for you to listen and learn regarding the way of the Martial Arts. Complete this story and receive rewards, especially Lethor-exclusive rewards on the way!

Event Details

  • For Lv. 30+ Character.
  • Can only be completed once per account.
  1. Proceed with a Lv. 30+ character.
  2. Go to the Strange Traveler and receive the story, 'Partial to the Martial Arts.'
  3. Proceed with the story and find [Martial Arts Guide Pages] from Lv. 30+ battles.
  4. Exchange 10 [Martial Arts Guide Page] for 1 [Martial Arts Expert Coupon].
    1. [Martial Arts Guide Pages] can be sold for 1 AP each.

    2. Lv. 30+ battles include [Lv. 30+ Normal Battles, Raid Battles, and Material Dungeon]. (Special Dungeons, Ein Lacher, Abyssal Arena, Royal Army, and Redeemers are excluded.)

    3. [Martial Arts Guide Pages] do not drop from the following battles:
      1. Trampled Plains
      2. The Five Spider Brothers
      3. Blood Prince
      4. An Interdimensional Invasion
      5. Royal Army
      6. Awakening - Armor of Ivory
      7. Cadet Ceremony
      8. Peer into the Rift
      9. Red Archer
      10. Traces of Battle
      11. Ein Lacher
      12. Special Dungeon
      13. White Tyrant's Challenge
      14. Abyssal Arena
      15. Queen of the Cursed
      16. Refuge of the Dead
      17. Requiem of the Lost One
      18. Sea of Reflection
      19. Dark Side of the Moon
      20. Tempering the Sword

  5. Collect 50 [Martial Arts Guide Page] and perform 5 exchanges (x10 per exchange) to receive 5 [Martial Arts Expert Coupons], 1 [Help Package], and 1 [Restored Secret Martial Arts Guide] to finish the event.
    1. You will receive AP 500 Capsule when using the [Restored Secret Martial Arts Guide].

  6. Collect [Martial Arts Expert Coupons] through the story and exchange them for Lethor-exclusive rewards at the Exchange Shop!
    1. You can earn 1 AP for every [Martial Arts Guide Page] sold.

Reward Details

  • Restored Secret Martial Arts Guide
    • Can be traded within the account.
    • Cannot be destroyed.
    • Cannot be sold in the Shop.
    • Expires on August 25th 7 A.M. UTC.
    • AP 500 Capsule (Gift) is obtained upon use.

  • Martial Arts Guide Page
    • Can be traded within the account.
    • Can be destroyed.
    • Can be sold to the Shop for 1 AP.
    • Expires on August 4th 7 A.M. UTC.

  • Martial Arts Expert Coupon
    • Can be traded within the account.
    • Can be destroyed after inputting text.
    • Cannot be sold in the Shop.
    • Expires on August 11th, 7 A.M. UTC.


  • Exchange Shop
    • Each item below:
      • Can be purchased only once per account.
      • Is shareable within account after purchase.
      • Expires on August 25th, 7 A.M. UTC.
Item Name Quantity Coupons
Lethor-Exclusive: Growth Package 1 1
Lethor-Exclusive: Enhancement Package
Lethor-Exclusive: Enchant Package
Lethor-Exclusive: Beauty Package
Lethor-Exclusive: Outfit Destiny Box


  • Package Content Details
    • All contents are obtained upon opening the box.
Box Name Contents Quantity
Help Package Goddess Grace (Binding) 2
Merc Recover Potion (Binding) 10
Damascus Steel (Binding) 4
Lethor-Exclusive: Growth Package AP 5000 Capsule (Gift) 1
Divine Blessing Stone (Binding) 10
EXP Blessing Stone (Binding)
AP Blessing Stone (Binding)
Luck Blessing Stone (Binding)
New Hero's Epaulet (14 Days) 1
Lethor-Exclusive: Enhancement Package Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding)
+13 Restorative Enhancement Rune (Lv. 95, Gift)
Lethor-Exclusive: Enchant Package Unstable Enchant Rune (Binding)
Enchant Rune (Binding)
Lethor-Exclusive: Beauty Package Lethor-Exclusive Makeup Coupon (30 Days)
Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon

* New Hero's Epaulet Stats: ATT +1000, DEF +1000, Balance +3, ATT SPD +3, Critical +3.

  • Lethor-Exclusive: Outfit Destiny Box
    • Select & claim 1 outfit upon opening the box.
Box Name Contents Quantity
Lethor-Exclusive: Outfit Destiny Box Heavenly Goddess Set (Event) 1
Silver Checkered Set (Event)
Rocheste Prep Lady Set (Event)