Diligent Daily Missions Event!

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: July 21st - August 25th

This event is real easy for our diligent heroes of Vindictus who have faithfully finished their Daily Missions given to them until now! That's right! If you simply do your "homework" during the event period, as you have been doing until now, we're going to reward you with a [Nifty Gift Box]! A box full of necessities you need for your battles! Finish your Daily Missions and receive a reward from the box now!

Event Details

  1. Every day, you'll get a Nifty Gift Box when you clear your Daily Missions.
    1. Nifty Gift Boxes will expire on September 8th, 7 A.M. UTC.

  2. Opening upon the Nifty Gift Box, it'll give you one random item from the list below.
Item Name Quantity Expiration
Superior HP Potion (Gift) 5 None
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) 3
Damascus Steel (Binding) 1
Departure License (Event) Sept. 8th
LUK +5 Scroll
AP 1,000 Capsule (Gift) None
AP 500 Capsule (Gift)
AP 300 Capsule (Gift)
AP 200 Capsule (Gift)

* All items are bound to character.