4th Round of Discord Socialite Event!

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: September 22nd - October 20th

The 4th round of our Discord community's socialite event is back for your friends and for your rewards! Invite your friends to the party and collectively reach and unlock altogether each milestone for free, cool, and exclusive rewards! Rewards are always first-come, first-serve so stay tuned with the count and the release!

Event Details

  • Conditions
Total Server Member Count # of Coupons Released
Right After Event Starts 1,000 Coupons
Total 12,000 Members 1,000 Coupons
Total 12,500 Members 1,000 Coupons
Total 13,000 Members 1,000 Coupons
Total 13,500 Members 2,000 Coupons
Total 14,000 Members 4,000 Coupons
Total 15,000 Members 5,000 Coupons

Reward Details

  1. VVIP Service (1 Day) x1
    1. Bound to Character
    2. Once per Account
    3. Expires October 31st

  2. Wobbling Kitty Hairpin Box
    1. Tradeable Within Account
    2. The 'Wobbling' Kitty Hairpin' is Bound to Character