Regarding Free Character Slot Expansion

  • 2 months ago


Greetings Mercenaries,

We’re happy to announce that starting this end of November 17th‘s maintenance, we have decided to bring free additional character slots to all your accounts which were originally from only 8, now to 26! However, this new approach will unfortunately bring discontinuation of Premium Character Slot sales. Please check below to find out more about this improvement, and we hope this new addition will bring more joy and ease for both existing and new Mercenaries joining Vindictus to be able to enjoy together.



  • What:
    • 18 More Free Character Slots Will Be Added From the Original 8 (8 Slots -> 26 Slots)
    • Premium Character Slot Sales Will Be Discontinued
11/3 - 11/17 After 11/17 Maintenance
  • 8 Free Character Slots
  • 17 Premium Slots Were Purchasable
  • 26 Free Character Slots
  • Premium Slots Will Be Unpurchaseable
  • When:
    • Starting After the November 17th Maintenance


[Please Note]

  • That after November 17th, 2020’s maintenance, a total of 26 free character slots will be available per account for everyone.

    • Free play of various character classes and weapons will be available now.

    • If the maximum number of character slots exceeds after November 17th, the character you have already created can be played the same as before, but please note that if you want to create a new character, you need to clear the existing slots.

  • That the benefits, bonus effects, and sales of Premium Character Slots will now end after November 17th, 2020’s maintenance.

  • That there will be no refunds for Premium Character Slots purchased before the maintenance of November 17th, 2020.


Thank you always for your love and support, and we hope this new addition will bring a richer experience of Vindictus for everyone.

- The Vindictus Team