Kael Max Level Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: November 17th - December 8th

Event Details

  1. When you log in as a Lv. 1+ character, you can get the [ID Event: Dangling a Kael-lot!].

  2. When you complete the event story by talking to the Strange Traveler NPC, you will obtain a box.

    1. Only Kael can complete this event.

    2. Upon completion, you will receive the [Kael Lv. 105 Challenge Title Box].

  3. [Kael Lv. 105 Challenge Title Box] Information

    1. Box can be shared within the account.

    2. Only Lv. 105+ Kael can open the box.

    3. Expiration: Until 12/08/2020 7AM UTC

  4. Open the box to claim [Title: UpsKaeled] (Bound to Character)