Paws Over Poinsettias Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: December 15th - January 5th
Exchange Shop Period: December 15th - January 12th

The Beary Cute Santa stole Christmas party ornaments the Strange Traveler prepared. Chase the Beary Cute Santa and get back those Christmas Ornaments! The Beary Cute Santa is still young. Please don't hurt it—chase it away by scaring it.

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 30+)

1. The event story [Event: Paws Over Poinsettias] triggers when a Lv. 30+ character logs in.

  • When you complete the event story, you will obtain [Christmas Star Cookie] x3.

2. You have a high chance to encounter the [Beary Cute Santa] in Lv. 30+ normal battles and Red Moon's Energy battles.

3. The [Beary Cute Santa] drops the Christmas Ornament (coupon) along with 1 out the 3 items below.

  • Up to 5 Christmas Ornament items can be obtained a day.
  • Christmas Ornament Expiration: 01/12 7AM UTC


■ Other Than the Christmas Ornament, You'll Obtain 1 of the Following:

  • Christmas Angel Cookie
    • Expires 1/19/2021 7 A.M. UTC.
  • Christmas Star Cookie
    • Expires 1/19/2021 7 A.M. UTC.
  • AP 10 Capsule (Gift)

[Christmas Angel Cookie]

  • An angelic cookie!
  • Effect: LUK +2 for 30 min. (Can be shared with a friend at the campfire, the hot springs, etc.)
  • Can be shared with a friend at the campfire or the hot springs in town.
  • Duration does not stack.

[Christmas Star Cookie]

  • An instant health-restoring cookie that restores 2000 HP. Same as the Merc Recovery Potion.
  • Restores 2400 HP for Lv. 60+ and 2800 HP for Lv. 70+.


4. Can use the Exchange Shop with the coupons obtained.

■ Exchange Shop

Item Name Coupon
Albackpacka x1 55 1x per Character
Title: Christmas Ornamentalist x1 20
Departure License (Event) x1 15 3x per Character
Goddess Grace (Binding) x1 5 None
Divine Blessing Stone (Binding) x1
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) x1
Superior HP Potion (Gift) x1 1
  • All items above are bound to character.
  • [Albackpacka]: Regular Rank / Wardrobe Points: (Back Slot) +3 pts.


■ Detailed List of Battle Regions

  • You have a chance to encounter the "Beary Cute Santa" in the battle regions below.
Battle Name
Trampled Plains Habitat for Wild Plants Sewers Appreciate a Pirate's Greatness
An Interdimensional Invasion Forest Ruins Strong Drink Tone Deaf Siren
Regrets... Too Late Fight That Must Be Won Silent Blade Appreciate a Pirate's Magnificence
Shadowed by Darkness Storeroom Gatekeeper of the Catacombs Lost and Damned
Where the Legend Sleeps Herb Lands Ben Chenner Entrance Treasure Hunt
The Pursuit Contact Ben Chenner Trailhead Desert Passage
Red Archer Rocky Wilderness Ben Chenner Summit Cave of the Reaper
Hunter at the Ruins Lost Road Lochlann Plains The Last Meeting
Ruins of Sanctity Fruitful Abandoned Ruins Voices in the Dark
Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins Buried Sorrow World of Pain Search for the Destiny Stone
The Fleeing Gnoll King Pursuit Burning Vice The Way Home
The Five Spider Brothers Rescue The Operating Room Endless Questions
Goliath Rocktune's Cabin Rescue Mission Underground City
Patrolling the Depths Cadet's Challenge The Devil's Cook No Man's Mine
Snowman Alert Bandits Deep Corruption Crumbling Mine
Windgun Gremlin Lair A Moment's Notice Under the Moonlight
Greedy Kobold The Secret Shattered Will Just to be Sure
Ocean Scent Another Storeroom A Long, Dark Path Mine Rendezvous
The Yeti, an Ancient Race Reinforcements Frozen Land The Vanishing Magician
Appearance of a Small Bear Investigation Nothing to Lose Fort of Oblivion
Big Horn Yeti The Last Fragment You Only Live Once Supply Lines
Hoarfrost Hollow in Flames The Contract Impermanence Light's Warning
Madness Pretty Green Beetle A Clue Repeated Alert
Cadet Ceremony Where the Road Leads What to Believe In Cold Comfort
Revived Fear Where the Sun Don't Shine Earth Shaker Broken Interdiction
Unfinished Business Give a Beggar a Coin... Troll Hunter Greed's End
Beginning of the Memory What the Dead Leave Behind Wasp Conqueror Bathed in Red
Investigation Taking Initiative The Chief of Death Ainle at Stake
West Hilder Forest Wet, Dark, and Mossy Stormy Seas -