v.2.73 Patch Notes

  • 3 years ago


Major Content Table of Contents

  1. Friendship Skill Update (Kai & Vella)
  2. Mood Contents


1. Friendship Skill Update (Kai & Vella)

Friendship Skills

  • Added a new Friendship skill.
    • Destined: Squalldriver (Kai & Vella)
    • By reaching the Destined rank with a mercenary in the lounge, you can learn their Friendship Skill.

2. Mood Missions

Mood Content

  • Added new mood-related content.
    • Players can learn new new emotions, or "moods," through new missions available in town and battle.
    • A player character's mood will display as an emoticon over their head naturally while playing. Once that emoticon is displayed, press [F1] to view the missions related to that mood.
  • Three to four different missions will become at this time.
    • To accept any one of these missions, press and hold its corresponding key ([1], [2], [3], or [4]).
    • Once a mission has been accepted, a player character's current mood and mission may can be reviewed via the Moods window.
    • The Moods window can be accessed via the main menu ([T] key).
    • Players who complete these missions will earn Mood Seal x1 and a mood-related status effect called a "feel-good boost."
  • Players will receive a notification upon mood mission complete.
  • Feel-good boosts do not stack.
    • Feel-good boosts last for two hours whether the player is logged in or not.
    • Each mood has a different feel-good boost, and while a feel-good boost is active, players can display its related mood over their character's head by typing "/mood" in the chat window.
  • Purchase mood emotes using Mood Seals at the Exchange Shop.
  • After purchasing moods emotes, players can display related emoticons over their character's heads by typing one of the available commands in the chat: +joy, +cry, +mad, +fight, +calm, or +dizzy.
  • Mood missions can also be played with a gamepad.
  • Mood missions are unavailable while the player is waiting to enter Royal Army raids, PvP, or the Mag Mell Arena.

3. Other Changes

  • Changed the price for Grimden's Basic Inner Armor (30 Days/Permanent).
  • Changed so that the Twinkling Armor/Leggings//Earrings/Bracelet/Shoes are bound upon trading.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not claim Ethnill's Destiny Box in Mag Mell Arena when you did not have enough seals.
  • Fixed the issue where if you purchased an Avatar Shop item with an existing character and then created a new character, the previously purchased Avatar Shop item's appearance was applied during new character creation.