[Notification] Update to Dye Ampoules

  • 1 year ago


Dear Mercenaries, 


Please be informed that the following has been updated regarding the Dye Ampules after the V2.74 update dated March 16th 2021.


  • With the V.2.74 update on 3/16, we're making some updates to Dye Ampoules.


    • Ampoules with "(Empty)" in their name can be listed on the Marketplace after being filled.
    • Ampoules with "(Gift)" in their name can only be placed in Shared Storage after being filled.
    • "Experimental" ampoules will produce filled ampoules that are untradable and bound.
    • The above naming conventions will also apply to unfilled ampoules created using the Ampoule Extractor.


Example: If you place a filled ampoule that can only use Shared Storage in the Ampoule Extractor, the result will be a "(Gift)" ampoule.

* Developer Comment: Under the old system, ampoules created by the Ampoule Extractor would be tagged as "(Gift)" whether they could be traded on the Marketplace or only in Shared Storage. These new naming rules are meant to cut down on this confusion.


  • Changed names to more clearly differentiate tradable and bound ampoules.


    • Dye ampoules that can be traded after being filled will now contain "(Empty)" in their name.
    • Dye ampoules that can only be placed in Shared Storage after being filled will now contain "(Gift)" in their name.
    • This change will apply to all ampoules currently in your inventory, as well as ampoules you obtain in the future. This is only a change in item name. The tradability of ampoules you already own will not change.
    • No changes have been made to experimental dye ampoules.


  • Dye Ampoule Error and Correction


    • Two dye ampoules contained in the Classy Crystal, which has been on sale since 3/16, were mistakenly given the "(Gift)" attribute. This Crystal will now give the correct ampoules.
    • Any players who received the incorrect dye ampoules between 3/16 and the time of this fix will be given additional ampoules with the correct "(Empty)" attribute.
    • These ampoules will be sent to affected players' mailboxes.