Red Moon Special Box Event

  • 1 year ago

Event Period: 05/04 - 05/18

Conquer Red Moon's Energy and earn Red Moon Special Boxes! You'll be showered with all kinds of goodies!

Event Details
* Per-character event

  • Conquer a battle in the Red Moon's Energy region to earn Red Moon Special Boxes (max: 3 per day).
    • Open the box to claim either New Era Cube x1, Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding) x1, or Unstable Enchant Rune (Binding) x1.
    • Red Moon Special Boxes are bound to you upon receipt.
    • Box expires on 06/01/2021 at 7AM UTC

Red Moon Special Box Contents

Item Name Tradability Expiration Date
New Era Cube Bound to Character 06/01/2021 at 7 A.M. UTC
Unstable Enhancement RuneĀ  Bound to Character -
Unstable Enchant Rune Bound to Character -
  • Placing a single New Era material in a New Era Cube will create between x2 - x10 copies of that material!
    • Even if the material placed in the cube is tradable, duplicates from the cube are bound to you upon receipt.
    • New Era Cubes cannot be traded, are destructible, and are bound to your character upon receipt. You can also sell this directly to the shop for 2 AP.

Material That Can Be Placed

Item Name
New Era Cloth
New Era Stone
New Era Orb
New Era Ore
New Era Leather