Discord Socialite Event (6th)

  • 1 year ago

Discord Socialite Event (6th) Update

Dear Mercenaries,

In order to share the prepared coupons as much as possible, we are to extend the event for 2 more weeks.
Also the distributed coupons shall be modified as below.

Event Opening Step: 1000 to 4000

Thank you for your participation.



Event Period: 07/13 - 08/10

Event Details

Based on the number of people joining the Discord server, coupons will be provided based on the milestone achieved.
* Coupon expires on 8/31/2021 and can only be used once per account.

STEPS Distributed Number of Coupons Accumulated Coupons Distributed
Event Opening Step 1000 1000
14,000 Members 1000 2000
14,500 Members 1000 3000
15,000 Members 2000 5000
15,500 Members 2000 7000
16,000 Members 5000 12000
17,000 Members 5000 17000

Reward Item Information

Item Name Tradability
6th Discord Socialite Event Package Account Shareable
VVIP Service (1 Days) Bound to Character
Whimsical Shark Hairpin Bound to Character

* When you open the package item, you will receive the VVIP service and the Whimsical Shark Hairpin items.
* Whimsical Shark Hairpin is an Event rank item (Wardrobe Point +1).