[FIX Notification] Wardrobe Skill Modification

  • 2 years ago


Dear Mercanaries,


During the V2.78 update made July 13th 2021, five of the outfit slot boost has applied to boost the defense stats.

However we are to change this boost stat from DEF to ATT/M. ATT during the August 10th 2021 maintenance.


Please see below for the details for the modification.

Fix Schedule: August 10th 2021

Fix Detail:

Skill Name Outfit Points Stat Boost Specification
Outfit Head Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT] 1500 ATT/M. ATT +70
Outfit Chest Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT] 1750
Outfit Leg Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT] 2000
Outfit Hand Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT] 2250
Outfit Foot Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT] 2500