[Prior Notification] Regional Regulation Compliance Issue

  • 8 months ago


Dear Mercenaries,

In order to comply with the Netherlands local regulations, the following shall be restricted for the Netherlands local users.
The functional restriction shall be applied during the November 2nd 2021 weekly maintenance.

The below in-game item transaction functions is scheduled to be unavailable commencing from the application date.

  • Transaction of the items from the marketplace shall be unavailable
  • 1 on 1 transaction with other characters or users shall be unavailable (Mailbox Transaction Function shall also be unavailable)
  • Placing in and out from the Guild Storage shall be unavailable

[Additional Notification for Netherlands Users]
Before the November 2nd application date, please make sure to do the following since the aforementioned function shall not be available after the application.

  • Please receive the items within the Guild Storage
  • Please receive the items arrived through your mailbox from the other user accounts. (excluding the GM mails)

For the Netherlands users, there shall be a separate tool tip message about the above transaction restriction.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience for the above action in order to comply with the applicable local restrictions.

Thank You.