Black Friday Limited Ascending Crystal 50% Discount Sale

  • 2 years ago

Sale Period: 11/9 (Tue.) - 12/7 (Tue.)

Limited to Black Friday, we are selling the Ascending Crystal at 50% discounted price!

Stay tuned for new package items that will be discounted up to 60%!

Item Name


Price (NX)

Limited to Black Friday

Ascending Crystal

50% Discount

(Limited to 1 purchase per UID)

(Cannot be gifted)

Airtight Special Evil Maid Set

Airtight Special All Curves Evil Maid Set

Airtight Special Neamhain Set

Airtight Special All Curves Neamhain Set

Airtight Neamhain Wings

Airtight Goddess's Advent Altar

Airtight Devil's Advent Altar

Airtight Special Soft Fleece Set

Airtight Special Cesar Knight Set

Airtight Special Cesar Slayer Set

...and more!


47,500 (x58)

50% OFF