Body Type Customization Event

  • 18 days ago

Dear Mercenaries, 


Along with the body type customization update from today's v.2.82 patch, we are holding the Body Type Customization Update Celebration Event for your enjoyment!

Use the [Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon] provided by the event, and enjoy the body type customization update.


  • Every character from accounts that have logged in between 7/21/2020 - 11/9/2021 before the maintenance.
  • [Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon] will be sent out via mail to all characters that fit the above criteria.

If the character already has body type items, the character will receive additional coupons based on the number of items.


If there are two characters that meet the above log-in criteria and

character A has 0 body type items while character B has 2 body type items:

 1) Character A receives  [Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon] x1

2) Character B receives  [Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon] x3

Please note when using Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon.

1. You can change the default body type or body type information saved in a body type item with the Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon.

2. You keep the original gloss level, even if using the Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon.

3. You cannot create a new body type item using the Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon.

4. Mail containing Premium Appearance Alteration Coupons as well as the items themselves expire 9/16/2021 (Thu) at 7AM.

5. Please refer below for details of the Premium Appearance Alteration Coupons from the event.

Item Name

Marketplace Trade

Trade by Mail

Account Mail Trade

Shared Storage


Premium Appearance Alteration Coupon





Until 11/23/2021 7AM UTC

 Thank you!