Snow Day Weekend

  • 4 years ago

Much to everyone's dismay, it is indeed still winter north of the equator, and as a massive snowstorm makes its way towards the Eastern US, it seems like a good opportunity to stay safe and warm indoors and power your characters up!

For the weekend, all characters in Vindictus will earn 2x EXP and AP, regardless of level, class or time of day! Whether building up AP in preparation for the upcoming Karok Unleashed update, getting to level 70 for the Season 2 changes or battling your way through raids for the Ultimate Objective Event, there's a reason for everyone to join in!

Event Name Snow Day Weekend
Event Start Friday, January 22, 2016
Event End Sunday, January 24, 2016 (11:59 PM PST, 2:59 AM EST 1/25, 6:59 PM AEDT 1/25)
Event Details
  • 2x Battle EXP
  • 2x AP from Battles
  • Don't forget about the +1 Raid event going on all weekend too!