Happy New Year to All

  • 21 days ago

Dear Mercenaries,

Vindictus Team would like to wish all our users a Happy New Year and the year 2022 brings you and your family joy and brightness.
During the past year Vindictus had made many updates. Such as Laura The 4th Redeemers, 18th hero Tessa which you've guys waited so long, max level expansion and Dan-Ah.
We hope that the past updates has provided fun and pleasure while playing Vindictus.

However we have been monitoring our users' feedback in order to provide better service.
Among the feedbacks, the most frequently mentioned request was related to the content update gap compared to other regions.
Thus, we've decided to provide faster updates to NA and EU Vindictus users.

As already mentioned on V2.83 Patch Report, the Forgotten Altar will be updated this January and the new type of RAR is coming this February.
Also 20th New Hero Letty will be updated within the 1st quarter of 2022.

Following the Letty's release, we are planning on the additional new heroes on next Summer and Winter.
Specific schedule shall be announced through Official Website as soon as possible.

In addition to the new Hero, New Pet Arcana would be coming to Vindictus in the near future.

Not only the ones mentioned above, there shall be many events and updates for our mercenaries for 2022.
So please stay tuned and enjoy Vindictus throughout 2022.

Vindictus Team


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