[Intro] 20th New Hero Letty

  • 2 months ago

Letty is female character using heavy cannon as her weapon.

By using the heavy cannon Letty causes damages to others in distance.
Letty will provide dynamic action experience through loading the shell by pulling the lever causing special effect cannonade attacks and using the recoil of the heavy cannon.

Letty has more variety of options in choosing the maximum / minimum heights than other characters.
So players will be able to customize Letty more than other characters.
Just take in mind that based on the original concept, initial height of Letty is set up as minimun height.

<Heavy Cannon and Letty>

Cannonade after Loading and it's recoil action.

Some of Letty's Smash attacks are made by firing after loading the cannon through pulling the lever causing series of explosion.
Seeing a series of explosions grants the Thrill effect to Letty. Consuming the Thrills Letty will be able to cause heavier damage to the enemies.
And also in case of danger, Letty can avoid the situation through Swift Recoil. A skill that fires forward with the Heavy Cannon to defend against enemy attacks and retreats with the recoil.


<Letty using Swift Recoil>

Thrill Effect and Kradie Blast

Letty's core attacking skill is based on the series of explosion and Kradie Blast.
As mentioned earlier, the thrill effects obtained through the series of explosions can be consumed as sources of skill.

Through Kradie Blast consuming the thrill effects, Letty will be able to cause continuously attack the enemies.
In order to use the Kradie Blast, Letty needs to prepare for the position by standing still or in movement.
When using Swift Recoil, Letty will be able to quickly connect to Kradie Blast after landing.

<Letty's Smash Attack>

In case Letty uses Kradie Blast with fully loaded thrill effects, she will be able to use Kradie Burst consuming two thrill effects after the third attack.
If the thrill effect is not available the Kradie Blast will be used instead of Kradie Burst.
Maximum of five thrill effects can be obtained.

<Letty using Kradie Blast>

Possible active skills for diverse battle situation.
Letty has different active skills than can be utilized in diverse battle situations.
'Active: Beautiful Blaze' is a skill using special gunpowder to charge the Heavy Cannon with concentrated flames then fires to the front.
You can change the direction of your attack while preparing to fire.

<Letty using Beautiful Blaze>

Active: Letty Bomba is skill firing the cannon fully loaded with explosives to the sky.
When the shell reaches to a certain level, the shells explodes and deployed creating multiple guided projectil to the enemy near.
A extreme damage is inflicted at the moment main body of the shell collides with the ground or the enemy.

<Letty using Letty Bomba>

Other than the skills mentioned above, there are more skills you may uitilize.
For instance, you may use Active: Firecracker, a skill attaching enhanced explosive to the enemy.
Or Active: Clever Rush that may support Letty's mobility.
We hope many Letty players use different active skill in diverse battle situations.