Spring Screenshot Event

  • 2 years ago

Event Period: 4/26 - 5/24 (4 weeks)


Event Details

To commemorate the warm spring, take screenshots in Vindictus where you can practically feel the spring breeze, and register them on our Discord channel. 

If more than 50 registrations are made during the event period, we will provide an event reward for all!

However, you cannot participate multiple times, and only your screenshot shared most recently will count.

We are distributing special event rewards by selecting five of the best screenshots.


Reward Information



All Rewards

GM Coin x10

Best Screenshot Reward (5 people)

GM Coin x10

All rewards are given in coupon form, during 5/24 maintenance (expires in 4 weeks).

A special reward will be given during 5/31 maintenance.


There shall be a separate event channel to participate the event on our official Discord.