No Limit Rentals Event

  • 1 year ago

Event Period: 06/21 - 09/20


We're renting out +13 Milletian Weapons and full sets of armor to all Lv. 105+ characters!


Event Details

* Per-character event (Lv. 105+)

- +13 Milletian Equipment Set (Rank 6 Enchant, Max Stats, CRIT RST +1)

- +13 Chaotic Conviction Milletian Weapon (Max Stats, CRIT RTE +2)

- You can rent from [Event > Equipment Rental] from the bottom right side of the screen.



- Rented equipment items can only be used until 9/20 (Tue) before maintenance.

- Rental equipment obtained from this event are bound to the renting character, and their stats (Enhancement, Enchant, Synthesis, Dismantling, etc) or appearances (Fusion) can't be changed.

- Rented equipment from this event can't be shared through the Marketplace, mail, or within an account.

- If you destroy rented equipment by mistake, you can receive them again from [Event > Equipment Rental].