Friday Night GM Event

  • 1 year ago

Event Period: 7/1(Fri.) 7/8(Fri.)


Event Details

During the event period, everyone is invited to enjoy the raid battles with the Vindictus GMs!


GMs will randomly participate Normal departure and Quick Departure for the raid battle.

Please post a screen shot related to the event on the Discord's event channel.

In the event the accumulated screenshots goes over 50, special coupon codes shall be disclosed on the event channel.

Even if you were not able to play the raid battle with the GMs, screenshots of the listed raid during the event period would be enough.



NA Server: 7/1(Fri.) 7/8(Fri.) 19:00 through 21:00 PDT 

EU Server: 7/1(Fri.) 7/8(Fri.) 19:00 through 21:00 CEST 


Raid List for Event

Surprise Attack

Devil's Tower

Red Stigma

Grave of Madness

Brilliant Lugh

Eweca's Nightmare

Dungeon Laboratory


Battle of Rocheste

Clan of Darkness

Spearhead of Paradise Lost

Under the Pale Moon

Ladaton Bridge


During the event period, special [GM] Lovely Lucky Bath Soap shall be used so dont forget to get additional buffs!


[GM] Lovely Lucky Bath Soap 

(Lasts 2 Hours, Doesnt Stack with VVIP Effect)

- ATT, M. ATT +1000

- DEF +1000

- Max HP +500

- Max STA +50

- SP +3 every 10 sec

- LUK +3

- Fatigue Point consumption -25%