Ver. 2.95 Update Note

  • 1 year ago

Ver. 2.95 Update Note

Table of Contents

  1. Friendship System
  2. Content Reset Point Changes
  3. Three New Enchant Items
  4. Miscellaneous Changes

1. Friendship System

■ Latiya Friendship Update

- The Close Ally bonding event for Latiya has been implemented.

- You can earn the "Close Ally" rank with Latiya.

- Dialogue related to your bond with Latiya has been added.

- Upon earning the rank Close Ally, Latiya will become less fatigued and her Power Stance duration will last longer.

- Rank Close Ally achievements have also been added.

- Latiya's Close Ally stage short stories have been added. Learn more about her through this new Ally rank event!

- Fixed the issue where Latiya's Confidant stage 3rd short story would continuously replay the background music.

■ Voice Emotes

- Added 20 voice emotes for Latiya.

- VOs can be previewed under the Emote window's Emotes tab.

- Voice emotes can be purchased with Friendship Seals from the Friendship Seal Shop. 

■ Christmas Season Friendship

- Mercs in Colhen's Mercenary Lounge will be celebrating Christmas.

- All mercs in the lounge will have Christmas greetings.

- You will be able to hear Christmas dialogue (with equal probabilities) from the mercs' greetings, chitchats and meeting by chance events.

  • The interactive lines, while in a battle idle state, now include conversations for the Christmas season.

- You will have a high chance of hearing conversation related to Christmas, depending on the composition of your party members' characters in battle idle states after departure.

- Character compositions that trigger lines related to Christmas:

  • Sylas - Lethor
  • Lann - Fiona
  • Lann - Lynn
  • Evie - Grimden
  • Karok - Delia
  • Kai - Vella
  • Miri - Hurk
  • Arisha - Eira
  • Kael - Grimden
  • Kael - Belle     
  • Belle - Tessa
  • Letty - Kai
  • Dan-Ah - Letty
  • Letty - Latiya

■ Voice Emotes

- Christmas Season voice emotes will be available in the Friendship Seal Shop from 12/13/2022 (Tue) 7AM UTC to 01/17/2023 (Tue) 7AM UTC.

- Each character's VO can be previewed in the Emotes tab, under the Emote window (shortcut key: J).

- You can purchase the Christmas Season Voice Emotes of each character with the Friendship Seals.

- Seasonal voices will be removed from the Friendship Seal Shop after the sales period.

- Seasonal voices that you own can still be used after the sales period has ended. 


2. Content Reset Point Changes

■ Battle

- "Usurper's Fortress"

- "Redeemers"

- "Special Dungeons"

- "Reverent Tower"

- "Royal Army Total War"

- "Guild Dungeon"

- "Alban Festival Box" Progress

- "Mag Mell Arena" Season

- “Siege Match”

■ System

- Weekly Mission

- Wardrobe: Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting

- Triumph Medal weekly acquisition limit

- Mag Mell Seal weekly purchase limit

- Seal of Bravery weekly purchase limit

- Army Seal weekly purchase limit

- Monthly Mission weekly purchase limit

- Using the Rabi Shop (summoned by the Rabi Whistle) resets the weekly purchase count of the item.


3. Three New Enchant Items Update

■ Enchant Items

- After defeating Enok in the Great Ministry battle, you can get the Twisted Enchant Scroll (a new Rank 5 Enchant Scroll).

- [Prefix Rank 5] ATT/M. ATT 450, ATT SPD 1, CRIT RES 5%

- Can be enchanted on accessories.

- After defeating Cessair in the Cavern of Enmity battle, you can get the Frenzy Enchant Scroll (a new Rank 5 Enchant Scroll).

- [Prefix Rank 5] ATT/M. ATT +465, DEF -300, ATT SPD +1, CRIT RES +5%, BAL +7

- Can be enchanted on Hand Armor and Feet Armor.

- After defeating Milo in the Dialectic of Death battle, you can get the Lament Enchant Scroll (a new Rank 5 Enchant Scroll).

- [Prefix Rank 5] DEF +120, STA +5, CRIT +9%, CRIT RES +10%, BAL -1

- Can be enchanted on Chest Armor.


4. Miscellaneous Changes

■ UI & Other

- Fixed the issue where logging in for the first time, while the Quick Slot was placed on the top of the screen, would cause the Ext. Quick Slot to display outside of the screen.

- Fixed the issue where the UI placement would fail to import upon new character creation after starting the game.

- As of Version 2.95 update, there shall be restrictions on the accounts when purchasing cash items.

The below restrictions shall apply to all accounts that have no NX purchase record.


  • All cash items' gift function shall be restricted for 4 days commencing from the initial NX purchase date.
  • The trade restricted items shall not be able to list Market Place and Mail functions for 4 days. (Specific trade restriction list shall be as below)
  • Items that initiate trade restrictions include:
    • All items received from Crystal

    • Below Cash Shop Items

      • Quality Fishing Set

      • Improved Salmon Egg Fishing Pole

      • Ceara's Fatigue Potion

      • Merc Recovery Potion Plus

      • Channel Megaphone

      • Server Megaphone

- In the event any issue regarding the restrictions for the initial purchase accounts, please contact our official customer service for help.


Thank you, everyone!

The Vindictus Team